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Black and white walls in the interior - an element of decor that can transform any room


Every time when it comes to interior decor, most of us, just wondering, do not know where to start. But, as they say, everything ingenious is simple. It is enough to pay special attention to the walls, choosing the most suitable color or shade for them.

And it is not necessary to adhere to stereotypes, selecting a calm color range, after complementing it with paintings, posters and other decorative elements. After all, you can give your preference to the classic black and white palette, diluting it with a noble black, which will be a luxurious decoration of any room from bathroom to bedroom.

1. Entrance Hall

Black walls of the hallway with white niches for storage.

Interior hallway in black.

Black and white interior hallway.

2. Living room

Black wallpaper - a great decoration for the walls in the living room.

Black wallpaper on the accent wall.

Design living room with black wallpaper.

The classic of the genre is black wallpaper and a white sofa with armchairs.

3. Bedroom

Black wallpaper with a pattern in the interior of the bedroom.

Black patterned wallpaper in the bright bedroom.

Black wallpaper and white bed - the perfect combination.

Luxurious bedroom, made in the noble dark colors.

4. Kitchen

Kitchen, made in black.

The perfect combination of black, white and beige.

Kitchen interior in black and white.

5. Bathroom

Bathroom, made in the classic black and white tones.

Focus your attention on the wall using black and white tiles.

Marble traditions - ideal for a bathroom.

Decorative bulk tiles with black and white pattern.

6. Designer tricks of black wallpaper in the interior

Classic striped black and white wallpaper will be a great accent in the living room.

For those who do not believe in superstition.

These wallpapers will be the perfect decoration of any room.

Black wallpaper with a bright floral print.

Black - as an element of the decor of the office.