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How to turn a small balcony into a heavenly place: 30 charming examples


Balcony can be a great place to read books, contemplation of local landscapes and just a corner, where it is always calm and cozy.

And this applies not only spacious, but also small balconies.

How to create a real heavenly place in an ordinary apartment?

1. Order first

Order on the balcony

Before you do the design of the balcony, you need to bring it in order. You need to get rid of unnecessary items of furniture, various boxes and old things, which are often sent to the balcony after they become unusable.

2. Storage Systems

Balcony Storage Systems

If there is a need to store any things on the balcony, then for these purposes you can pick up benches or poufs, under the cushion of which are hiding roomy drawers. It is also convenient to make open shelves on one of the walls. Wicker baskets, plastic containers, and even old wooden boxes will be useful here.

Shop with drawers for storage

Cozy balcony

3. Warm floor

Wooden floor on the balcony

If possible, it is best to make a wooden floor on the balcony. This will allow you to constantly feel the warmth and pleasant texture of wood under your feet. If this option seems expensive or not practical, then you can leave the floor in the form in which it is. If you put one or several rugs on it, then this will make the space cozy and comfortable, since even on a cool summer evening you can be on the balcony without shoes. Instead of rugs, you can use a coating that mimics the grass. This will create an interesting atmosphere and revitalize the interior of the balcony.

A rug makes the balcony cozy

It's nice to feel the warmth of wood under your feet.

Grass mimicking

4. Wearproof furniture

It is desirable to choose compact furniture for arranging a small balcony. For example, folding or stackable chairs, padded stools, small benches, side tables or coffee tables. A good option is transforming furniture or corner furniture, suspended mobile tables.

Mobile table for a balcony

Sometimes one good seat is enough

It should be borne in mind that furniture for an open balcony should be durable. It is worth paying attention to the model of chairs and tables for the garden and terrace. It can be metal, wicker or specially processed wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture on the open balcony

Metal furniture on the balcony

Wicker furniture on the balcony

Interesting and unusual on the balcony will look hammock or hanging chair. These are great tools for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Hammock on the balcony

Suspended chair on the balcony

5. Flower Paradise

This paradise on the balcony can not be created without flowers. They do not have to be many. It's all an amateur - someone likes to completely surround themselves with flowers and enjoy their fragrance, while others do not really like to care for plants, but they want to bring a touch of comfort to the interior.

Flowers make the balcony cozy

Many flowers on the balcony

Even a few pots of flowers can create a special atmosphere on the balcony.

It is convenient to place flower pots on the open shelves, on the walls, along the crossbar. Tanks for plants can also be very different: pots, pots, metal cans, buckets, boxes. The main thing is that they harmoniously fit into the interior and give joy to their owners.

Beautiful flower pots for a balcony

Metal cans instead of pots

Hinged flower pots

6. Pillows and blankets

The final touches that are left to do is to supplement the chairs with several decorative pillows and a rug. They will perform several functions at once, decorate the space, make it cozy and create comfortable conditions for staying on the balcony in cool weather.

Pillows and blankets in the interior of the balcony

The interior of a small balcony

Pillows decorate the interior of the balcony

Laconic design of a small balcony

Plaid and pillow will be useful in a cool evening.

7. Lighting

This item is not mandatory, but in the evening additional lighting can turn the balcony into the most romantic and magical place on Earth. Here you can retire together for a cup of tea or a glass of wine, watch the starry sky and just dream.

To light the balcony you need a few light bulbs.

Romantic atmosphere

in such an environment it's nice to watch the stars and dream