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Decor that does not hit on the budget: patchwork in the interior


Since the days of ancient Egypt, in times of crisis, people always returned from patchwork sewing. It was widespread in England and in Russia.

Today, patchwork is one of the most budget and spectacular types of décor, used not only in clothes, but also in interior design. He is able to transform the space and make it very stylish.

Textile patchwork in the interior

Patchwork Pouf

Patchwork technique allows you to create real works of art. You can sew a functional ottoman or a stylish blanket from pieces of fabric. In this case, you should pay attention to practical types of fabrics.

Fashionable patchwork cover

Stylish bedspread

It will be interesting to look at the interior with curtains or tapestries made from chintz, silk or organza. These beautiful fabrics will make the space light and cozy.

Light curtains in patchwork style

Patchwork Tapestry

Shutter for the bathroom in the style of patchwork

Unusual interior decoration will be pillows and decor items made in the patchwork technique. When choosing fabrics for sewing, it is necessary to take into account that the colors or patterns on the product must coincide with the elements represented in the interior itself. For example, intersect with the color of the furniture, the material of the curtains or the shape of the accessories.

Patchwork pillow

Ceramic patchwork tiles

To make the interior of the kitchen or bathroom more attractive, you can use patchwork tiles or choose patterns that fit each other in color or shape. Often the tile remains after repair. It can be combined to create interesting ornaments. Such a mosaic would be appropriate on the kitchen apron, on the wall in the bathroom, in a niche. The main thing is that the picture was harmonious and fully fit into the interior.

Patchwork tile in kitchen interior

Kitchen apron in patchwork style

Patchwork in the kitchen

Patchwork of wallpaper

Patchwork of wallpaper

This is one of the most affordable and stylish types of decor. For the patchwork of the wallpaper, you can use the trimming, remaining after the repair, or you can buy a few patches from the fashion collections. It will not be expensive, but the interior will change before our eyes. This technique will look great on one of the walls. It is especially effective to use a patchwork of wallpaper in the bedroom or children's room.

Remains of wallpaper in the interior

Stylish wall decor

Patchwork Carpets

Today it is important to decorate the interior not only with quilts or pillows. Patchwork carpets are also relevant. World brands offer a wide range of such products, but if there is a desire and time, such a carpet can be made with your own hands. Such a thing will make the interior truly cozy and bring warmth to it. For these purposes, suitable denim, pieces of carpet coverings (which, like wallpaper can be purchased at the store), knitted shreds.

Denim Label Carpet

Patchwork Carpet

Patchwork carpet from Turkish factory

Trendy carpet from the Turkish factory

History tour

One of the most ancient blankets created in patchwork style is considered to be a piece of leather pieces from gazelles, which was found in Egypt and dates back to 980 BC. In Europe, the first mention of this technique appeared in the 16th century, when colorful Indian fabrics were brought to England. Then it was fashionable to create blankets from pieces of fabric and decorate the interior with them.

It is known that in Russia they were careful with the fabrics and until the 18th century they were engaged in the production of textiles at home. Here patchwork mats were distributed, which were also called handcuffs.

Cover of 1897, created in England

A way to save

In many ways, crises and deficits contributed to the spread of patchwork. In Europe, this was due to the importation of Indian fabrics, when local manufactories tried to protect their production. In North America, this technique was popular due to the lack of textiles. Here for the repair of blankets used old clothes. In Russia, fragments of expensive English fabrics were fragmentary used to give products a rich look.

Patchwork cover

Patchwork - trendy direction

Today, patchwork has reached a new level in the design world. He was so much liked by contemporary designers, artists and interior designers that he began to appear in collections of world brands. This directly affected the production of ceramic tiles, carpets, furniture. So, the patchwork technique is not only economically profitable, but also fashionable.

Fashionable patchwork tile

Shredded Silk Furniture by Turkish Designer

Patchwork furniture by Turkish designer