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How to revive the beige interior: 5 decorating tips and 15 juicy examples

Beige has been used extensively in interior design since the 18th century.

It is considered classic and neutral. But some people think that it is too boring to use in the design of their home.

Today we will tell how to make a beige interior interesting and dynamic.

Menthol breathing

Fresh mix of beige and delicate blue

Nothing so refreshing beige interior, as bold turquoise combination. The color of tiffany, shade of sea wave, sky blue will perfectly complement both warm beige and beige with gray admixtures. In the kitchen or in the bathroom is enough to put a few accessories refreshing shades. The dining area can be decorated with turquoise curtains, and in the beige living room to put a sofa in pastel blue or to decorate the existing decorative pillows with interesting patterns.

The combination of beige and turquoise in the interior of the kitchen

Beige dining room revive curtains turquoise

Sofa soft pastel shade looks great in a beige interior

Dilute the beige interior can be decorative pillows turquoise hue

Vanilla mood

Beige and pink colors in the living room interior

A different look at the beige interior will help and shades of pink. They will make the interior not only fresh, but also soft. This combination is perfect for the living room. Especially when the walls in it are gray-beige. It is necessary to reinforce this ensemble with accents in dark brown, dark gray and milky shades. The gilded elements that will add extra chic to the space will not be redundant.

Pink goes well with gray-beige interior

Passionate combination

Not everyone decides to use red in their interior. But even the most beige interior can make it more expressive and stylish. For this, it is best to use noble wine shades. They look good on a neutral cream background. It is enough to add only a few elements to the space for the interior to change. For example, you can choose Marsala chairs for the dining area, you can put a burgundy armchair or a coffee table in the living room, and put a modern painting with red patches in the bedroom. For the bedroom is also suitable option with colored bedding.

It is interesting that a predatory leopard print will help to tie up the beige and burgundy colors among themselves, which this season has returned to the pedestal of popularity.

Maroon will make a beige living room stylish

To revive the bedroom, just choose a bed of a beautiful shade.

Persimmon and chocolate

One of the most successful combinations are combinations of beige with brown and in small quantities with orange. It is desirable that chocolate shades are distributed throughout the room in the accessories and decor. It should be some kind of spray brown and its shades, as if left by the artist's brush. For example, you can put several paintings or decorative panels on the walls, with chocolate shades prevailing on them. Patterns on carpet, pillows, lamps shades can repeat them.

The combination of beige and brown in the interior

As for the saturated orange, it is best to use as an accent. In large quantities, it can cause psychological discomfort to people in the room. But if orange is used fragmentarily (vases, flowers, curtains, posters, throw pillows or plates), then this will help create a warm atmosphere in the interior. Reinforce beige with orange can be a rich brown color.

Juicy orange color in beige interior

Geometric figures

The greatest assistants in creating a dynamic interior are geometric shapes, lines and stripes. Large diamonds and zigzags can make a beige interior interesting. In classical interiors patterns of Damascus, paisley, lattice, goose foot, English cell will be appropriate.

Geometrical patterns will help to make a beige interior dynamic.

The dynamics of this interior is set by rhombuses in the upholstery of the seats and elements of bright pink color

Classic geometric patterns in beige interior

Geometric patterns enliven any beige interior.