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Minimalist interiors, or How not to splurge on repairs


Every year, designers offer all new and new solutions in the field of interior design.

But, as practice shows, most often after various experiments, I want to return to simplicity.

In today's material collected 19 minimalist interiors, which will not go broke for repairs.

1. Austere space

Austere bedroom in gray tones.

A quiet spacious bedroom in gray tones is an ideal place for relaxation and quiet rest. From furniture there is only a necessary minimum: a large bed, a bedside table, a low chest of drawers, laconic lamps, an original leather chair and a few low-key pictures.

2. Nook

Children's bedroom with the original design of the walls.

Children's bedroom, which has become a real embodiment of creative ideas. The corner at the head of the bed is painted in a dark graphite shade, which catches the eye on the background of snow-white walls, original square shelves adorn the walls, and the functions of a toy rack are carried out by a converted staircase.

3. Snow-white dining room

Elegant dining room in white.

Minimalism, simplicity, elegance - three words that come to mind when looking at this wonderful dining room. Long parquet boards of light gray color on the floor stand out against the background of snow-white walls, a laconic round table, unsuited chairs and a board for notes as a decor.

4. Gentle children

Charming nursery in bright colors.

A charming nursery filled with sunlight thanks to the bright colors of the decoration, with a cozy round carpet, small bed, wardrobe and wonderful decorative details in the form of wicker baskets, pillows, puffs and charming posters on the walls.

Toilet with a dark gray accent wall.

Three walls of this small toilet are painted white and only one, the one behind the toilet, is of high-quality dark gray. This technique adds depth and dynamics to space. From the plumbing there is only a classic modern toilet, and as a decor, the designers used golden details, including shelves, a flower pot, accessories of an ascetic lamp and decorative plates.

6. Attic minimalism

Minimalist bedroom in the attic.

A cozy bedroom, completely painted white with a mattress that performs the functions of a full bed, a simple chair, an original floor lamp, a plant in a large bright pot and several paintings standing on a shelf above the window. This interior proves that not so much is needed to decorate a stylish space.

7. Transparent hint

Bright bathroom in the style of minimalism.

The laconic and elegant interior of the adjacent bathroom, the walls of which are decorated with large rectangular tiles with imitation of marble. From the situation here, only the most necessary plumbing: a toilet, sink and a stunning transparent bath.

8. Minimal furnishings

Cozy living room with a minimum of furniture.

Many people avoid white flowers in the decoration, considering them cold and not comfortable. However, this living room proves the opposite. A huge gray sofa and cream ottoman in a knitted cover look very cozy against the white walls, decorated with original paintings.

9. Modern minimalism

Modern living room with elements of minimalism.

Modern living room with trendy light trim, dark curtains and stylish black chandelier. From furniture here is only the most necessary: ​​a corner gray sofa, a yellow armchair, a coffee table and a cabinet. And black and white paintings and yellow pillows add style and dynamics to the interior.

10. Laconic entrance hall

Minimalist entrance hall in white and brown tones.

A white entrance hall with a high mirror cabinet, a bench and a brown niche equipped with magical lighting is a great example of a well-organized space.

11. Clean and tidy

Bright laconic toilet.

Minimalistic toilet in which it was possible to harmoniously combine three types of finishes: small ceramic tiles, painting and wooden panels. Of the functional components here are only a mounted toilet, a paper holder and a narrow built-in rack for various small items.

12. Bored minimalism

Cheerful bedroom in the style of minimalism.

Spacious bedroom in light shades, in which only a double bed with a functional headboard, a bright side table, a dressing table and a mirror are in the furniture. Colored details such as paintings, frames for mirrors and curtains create a uniquely cheerful atmosphere.

13. Volumetric panels

Bedroom with volume panels on the walls.

A small bedroom, combined with a balcony, where a functional work area is equipped, with two beds and voluminous gray panels on the walls, which became the highlight of this space.

14. Splash of color

Unskillful living room with splashes of bright colors.

Some people are afraid of minimalism, considering it boring and uncomfortable. However, this living room proves the opposite. Snow-white finish dilutes the bright print on the wallpaper, colored stripes on the armrests of the sofa, rug, blue chair bag and other details.

15. Bright organization

Very bright children.

This rich, cheerful children's room is a vivid example of a competent organization of space. Ergonomic designs of pink orange allowed to squeeze the most out of a modest space.

16. High style

Elegant bathroom in the style of minimalism.

This minimalist bathroom is a real embodiment of elegance and elegance. The accent wall, stylized as black marble with a narrow mirror, makes the interior truly magnificent, the overhead washbasin on the wooden tabletop emphasizes the high cost of this room.

17. Solid living room

Laconic living room with leather furniture.

The standard living room is medium in size with a total white finish, extending the boundaries of the room, a black leather sofa, light-colored armchairs with leather upholstery and fluffy white carpet. The mood in the room is created by bright details in the form of a striped color table, a bright sofa cushion and a peculiar picture.

18. Modern design

Modern black and white kitchen.

Stylish and functional kitchen with an abundance of white cabinets with smooth glossy facades, slate apron and dining area.

19. Bright touch

White-gray kitchen with a bright accent.

The spacious kitchen, decorated mainly in neutral white and gray colors, the highlight of which were the top cabinets in a pleasant yellow color.

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