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10 types of ceramic tiles that will make any interior memorable


At the word "tile" many frown, remembering Soviet times, when in almost every apartment in the kitchen and the bathroom walls and the floor were "decorated" with a monotonous tile.

But time does not stand still, however, as modern technologies do not stand still, thanks to which in the XXI century you can choose tiles for every taste and color from elegant restrained colors to incredibly original ones with intricate patterns and individual drawings.

1. Imitation of leather surfaces

Recently there has been a tendency to use a tile in the design of a bathroom that imitates the skin of animals, sometimes with a clearly marked relief.

Such tiles look luxurious and elegant.

Fans of art deco, glamor or neoclassics should certainly appreciate this type of modern tile.

2. Flower motifs

Flower patterns on the tiles, although they gave way to more modern images, but still have their fans.

Mostly used tiles with floral ornaments and large-scale images of flora in the form of panels.

If you decide to decorate the room with such tiles, then it is enough to arrange one wall or a part of it, or just arrange the fragment in a good place.

Tile with floral motifs in the interior of the bathroom.

3. Tiles with graphic patterns

Graphic ornament - a great option. It is complex, catchy and original.

This tile literally attracts the views of others. It can be considered long enough.

Such geometric motifs will look perfect in the kitchen.

4. 3D tile

Recently, tile manufacturers have proposed a new design with a 3D effect, which is aggressively trying to win the hearts of consumers.

Externally, the design of the tile looks stylish and modern, so it will perfectly fit into a trendy interior.

This tile will look perfect in any room.

5. Tile with a metal dusting

Metal-coated tiles will harmoniously look in the bathroom design, as the reflective properties will visually expand the area.

Metal shine lovers will also like this type of tile.

Such tiles are an excellent option for interior design.

6. Scandinavian style tiles

This popular style today looks perfect in the bathroom and not only.

Tiles with patterns, as a rule, are combined with plain or white tiles.

7. Black and white and graphic tiles

Black and white gamma, which is popular in clothing, is also relevant in interior design.

No less impressive and stylish looks tile with a funny picture or photo.

8. Imitation wood

The tile in the interior imitating wood is the perfect solution for simple kitchens and non-standard bathrooms.

This type of tile looks great on both large and small surfaces.

Regardless of the color, the main thing is that the tile is combined with the furniture and the table top, and in tune with the floor and walls.

Such tiles can be laid out, for example, only half or part of the wall or only the floor.

9. Imitation of marble

Marble is always beautiful and relevant.

Marble looks great in any room.

Thanks to modern technologies, the market has been replenished with a new type of marbled tiles, with a wide range of different colors.

Marble tiles are ideal for modern kitchens.

10. Imitation of natural stone

Ceramics, imitating stone, has remarkable qualities: matte color, embossed texture, does not slip. For bathrooms - the best option.

Such a tile, despite being rude, looks very elegant.