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15 tips in the design of the kitchen for those who are undertaking repairs


Sometimes you really want to change something, if not in life, so in the apartment. In addition, the apartment has a special place - the kitchen. And if you do not make repairs, then it will be useful to refresh it periodically. Each year brings new trends to the field of design.

In 2018, color contrasts, metal accessories and wood come into fashion. In this review, a detailed account of fashionable designer kitchen trends is not this year.

1. Vivid color schemes

Bright cuisine - a guarantee of good mood.

Bright colors will continue to be popular in 2018. The use of color in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect the individuality of the people as well as their needs. For example, the cooking space should be bright and bright, and the entertainment space may have a darker tone to provide the right atmosphere.

2. Gentle pastel

Pastel colors in the kitchen for fans of the classics.

Delicate pastel shades are a great way to bring a nice touch to the kitchen, especially when used as contrasting finishes. For those who seek to create some kind of individuality, but do not want to use “bold” colors, pastel shades are ideal for decorating wooden kitchen elements.

3. Shades of blue

Sea motives.

From cobalt to greenish-blue shade of "sea water" - blue color in a trend this season. The most popular are the darker shades of this versatile color.

4. Warm neutral and golden tones.

For those who are accustomed to live with brilliance.

“Gold was in trend last year, but in 2018 it is expected to merge gold with brown hues and organic materials. Combining neutral hues, gold and organic textures, you can create a“ warm ”kitchen that will be similar in style to the kitchen seventies.

When all you need is at hand.

Open shelving is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to add personality to their kitchen. This can be easily done by simply placing some small accessories on the shelves or, for example, beautiful fruits. This is the perfect chance to add freshness to the kitchen.

And no extra lockers.

Although open shelves with interior lighting create a feeling of greater space, but in no case should we forget about hidden boxes, because they will have to hide old dishes and other items in the kitchen, which obviously do not cause a desire to boast of them.

6. Hidden and Disguised Lighting

LEDs - the perfect solution for the kitchen.

Different lighting layers are the key to any good design. The traditional line of three pendant lamps has continued to be popular for the past decade, and invariably looks amazing in every kitchen. Suspended lighting is recommended to add LED stripes on the bottom of the cabinets (at eye level), which will illuminate the work surface. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can supplement this scheme with several neatly arranged recessed lights.

Spotlights for the kitchen.

Lighting under cabinets and racks is an easy way to change the atmosphere of the kitchen. For example, hidden LEDs can be placed under countertops to create a completely new look for the kitchen. This is an easy way to light up a room and add a bit of contrast to existing lighting.

Built-in lights for the kitchen.

It is also worth noting that the disguised "light channels" embedded in drywall are very popular in modern architecture, so you should expect that this will soon appear in kitchens.

7. Several ovens

Several ovens - this is convenient.

Today, people have a very busy lifestyle, so it makes sense for them to cook several dishes at the same time. To this end, you can get a few ovens or microwaves that can be built into high wall cabinets at eye level.

And you can, and so.

If we approach this concept creatively, then it is not necessary to build in stoves, it can be dishwashers, washing machines ... and anything that allows you to free up space and simplify your life.

8. Smart Kitchens

Smart appliances are developing at a very fast pace, and those who are considering installing a new kitchen in 2018 should think that smart kitchens will soon become a daily necessity. Kitchen appliances with Wi-fi, allowing you to control the entire process of preparing food and drinks remotely, steamers, vacuum boxes - all this makes cooking faster and easier.

Technology in the kitchen.

There is also an interest in integrated music and lighting, which can be controlled using a single central hub hub, as well as installing built-in iPads in the kitchen with a recipe base and work surfaces with built-in mobile phone charging.

Modern minimalism.

Amazon Dash and Google Home have already become “necessary” in any smart kitchen, as they allow housewives to order food, play music, set reminders, or learn recipes with a single touch of a button or voice command.

9. Brass and other metals

When details make the interior.

The use of brass in the kitchen was “fashionable” at the end of 2017, and this will also be relevant in 2018, but now this material will be combined with warm colors.

Brass in the kitchen.

Brass and copper can be used not only in taps, but also in oven doors, door handles, sinks, etc. The use of various metals is still a trend, it will be particularly interesting to emphasize this with black, white, red, blue and metal metal appliances. other colors that go well with brass, silver and bronze.

10. Multifunctional car wash

Multifunctional car wash.

Why use a regular sink, if you can get a multifunctional sink, which can be used not only for direct purposes, but also for cooling oysters, champagne or greens. In addition to the fact that it is really practical, such a sink is also guaranteed to impress anyone, because it looks really "cool."

11. Industrial design using heavy metals and concrete

Brutal concrete kitchen.

It should be remembered that recently "industrial" design, in particular, finishing with concrete, has become popular. Designers claim that the tendency to finish doors with concrete will continue to increase, as will the use of ferrous metal handles, as well as metal frames in furniture.

A lot of concrete in the kitchen.

The constant shift towards individuality in modern kitchen design, the latest finishes and innovative solutions play an important role in creating a truly unique kitchen.

12. Living Walls

Greens in the kitchen does not happen much.

This year, living walls will be a hit in the kitchen. Over the past few years, elements of living green have increasingly been added to the kitchen interior, but now consumers are waiting for something completely new: walls planted with moss and plants.

Green style in the kitchen.

For example, MOSSwall, which is available in different colors, looks like a wall of natural moss. This rather simple concept provides stunning looks as well as excellent sound insulation.

13. Modern aesthetics of devices

Recently, the trend of combining the color of kitchen appliances with the interior is clearly noticeable. For example, devices of pastel colors, in particular shades of pink, green and blue are more and more often used.

Modern aesthetics.

Also, to add an element of artificial luxury devices, it is recommended to use natural materials. For example, wood, cork and leather provide a pleasant contrast with technological devices and synthetic materials.

14. Countertops made of artificial marble and stone

Countertops made of glass and stone.

The newest material, which began to be used in kitchen countertops, is the "Neolithic". It is very practical and looks like real marble.

Countertops made of glass and stone.

What is extremely important, during the production of the Neolithic used 100 percent of natural materials.

15. Available multiplayer kitchens

Modern kitchen solutions.

Today, built-in kitchens are starting to appear, designed for use by people with disabilities or people in wheelchairs who are at the same time suitable for all other users.

The main quality of the kitchen is convenience.

This is not surprising, because some people need a kitchen, the design of which is suitable for different users, in particular, can provide sufficient space for a wheelchair, the height of working surfaces, etc.

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