Useful ideas

19 kitchen appliances, which immediately want to get yourself


Those who want to invent devices to simplify life for some reason, especially inspired by the kitchen.

It was for her created a lot of different devices that facilitate the fate of hostesses.

But despite the huge number of existing gadgets, more and more new ones appear on the market regularly.

1. Convenient dispenser

Dough dispenser will make baking almost perfect.

Very handy thing, with which you can evenly dose the dough, pouring it into molds. Hands, table and other surfaces will remain clean when used, which is good news.

2. Universal stand

Holder for lids, spoons and more.

Small in size, straightforward in shape, but very easy to use, the stand can be used both as a lid holder and as a spoon stand - now there will definitely not be any traces on the table after cooking.

3. Beautiful dough cutting

Clip for housewives who bake pies.

An interesting and handy tool that can quickly and beautifully cut the dough. This movie will definitely appeal to lovers of delicious homemade cakes.

4. Protective screen

That the stove was always clean.

The compact folding screen will allow you to save the stove and nearby dishes from splashing oil in the process of cooking.

5. Garlic Chopper

Convenient to use, easy to wash.

This funny press will be a good replacement for the old version of the garlic chopping tool. It is easy to use, and it is much easier to wash it.

6. Chopping board with pocket

And waste - in your pocket.

This board differs from the usual one only in that it has a special “pocket”. But this small addition makes using such a cutting board much more convenient. You can use the “pocket” both for storing waste during the cutting process, and for temporary storage of chopped products.

7. Practical covers

Cover fuses.

Colorful lids of unusual shape are designed to prevent boiling of liquid from the pan and, consequently, its leakage onto the hob.

8. Board for cheese

Board for cheese lovers.

An interesting interpretation of the board, designed for cutting cheese. There is a special shaped knife, which can quickly and easily cut the cheese into thin slices.

9. Bags for toast

A convenient alternative to the toaster.

You need to clean the toaster regularly, but this is very inconvenient And if you buy these wonderful bags, then you no longer need to clean the device - because they protect it from fat and crumbs, which inevitably remain after operation. By the way, another big advantage of them is that there is an opportunity to make toasts with cheese.

10. Nozzle-watering

You definitely won't miss!

Funny nozzle for a comfortable and neat transfusion of the contents of the pan even in the smallest and narrowest containers.

11. Auxiliary tool for cutting onions

Device for shredding onions.

Very convenient and easy to use auxiliary tool for grinding, always slipping out from under the fingers and onion knife. In addition, it can be used to save hands from possible injuries.

12. Miniature cappuccinator

When snacks are always with you.

A miniature mixer that runs on batteries allows you to quickly and easily beat a little cupcake cream or coffee cream.

13. Cutting sausages

You have never seen such sausages!

Compact gadget for cutting sausages in a spiral. In the end - the perfect roasting and original serving to the table.

14. A device for cleaning fruit

A device for cleaning citrus.

Citruses are always tasty and they are often used as an ingredient, but it is difficult to clean them. A compact device will greatly facilitate their cleaning and speed up the whole process.

15. Cover-colander

Cover with holes.

With such a handy lid you can safely get rid of the colander! With its help, you can quickly drain the liquid from the pan without soiling other dishes.

16. Cheese grater

Fans of Italian cuisine is dedicated.

And this gadget just need to get the supporters of Italian dishes, because there is no cheese anywhere. An easy-to-use tool slices the cheese in seconds and makes it elegantly.

17. Spoon holder

Well, a very convenient holder.

This trivial removable holder can comfortably fix a spoon or ladle on a saucepan or pan, so as not to soil other dishes and the table.

18. Comfortable sauceboat

A gravy boat that does not spill.

A miniature container with the possibility of fixing on a plate is an indispensable thing for those who like to eat outside the kitchen in front of the TV.

19. Beautiful salt and pepper storage

Charming saltcellars and pepper shakers.

Very cute pepper shakers and salt shakers, which by design resemble popular snow balls - a wonderful decoration for modern cuisine.