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15 solutions for those who want to transform their kitchen with almost no investment


As a rule, the hosts in the kitchen spend a lot of time. Naturally, each of them wants to be in a cozy room and periodically change the interior.

But, unfortunately, not everyone has the financial situation allows to radically alter the kitchen. Do not despair. In today's material we have collected 15 interesting and inexpensive solutions for those who want to transform their kitchen.

1. Open shelves

These shelves fit perfectly in many styles, and bright accents will add color.

2. Doors - in the case

With the help of a special dye, you can turn old cabinet doors into a practical chalk board.

3. New hardware

New handles and closers will help to update the kitchen interior without replacing the furniture itself.

4. "Textile" doors

Classic doors can be replaced with elegant textile curtains.

5. Brick masonry

Unfinished brick wall or its imitation is perfect for fans of minimalism.

6. Embossed decorations

The volume levels added to flat kitchen furniture will distract attention from minor damages.

7. Furniture decoration

Small decorations, glued to the doors of the drawers, add old furniture refinement.

8. Bright colors

Matte paint successfully hides wood defects and adds room brightness and color.

9. Alternative painting

The stain will give the wood a richer shade and at the same time retain the visible structure.

10. Placement of accents

Refresh the kitchen with white, and bright accents in the form of textiles and dishes will help to "paint" the interior.

11. Order in everything

A practical organizer for storing cleaning products and sponges will be a good helper in maintaining order.

12. Light tones

For those who want to visually increase the space of the kitchen, you should opt for bright colors.

13. Kitchen lighting

Alternative lighting or an unusual new chandelier will add individuality to your kitchen.

14. Neat windows

Properly decorated window will create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

15. Storage containers

Get rid of the mess in the kitchen cabinets will help a variety of containers for storing bulk products.