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15 non-obvious ideas for cleaning, so that it takes a minimum of time


The question of how to facilitate the unpleasant process of cleaning, and most importantly, really effectively bring cleanliness, always remains relevant. You can return things to their former freshness with the help of devices that at first glance have nothing to do with cleaning.

we collected unobvious ideas on housekeeping, which are sometimes surprising, but they work.

1. The mattress can be disinfected with a spray.

How to refresh the mattress, on which we spend a significant part of life, but it can not be washed? Of course, you can trust the cleaning company, but you can make the top layer cleaner with a spray with alcohol diluted with water in a 1: 2 ratio.

Carefully vacuum the mattress, and then spray it with an alcohol mixture from the sprayer. Let it dry well. Alcohol will disinfect the upper layers and destroy the bacteria that can cause odor.

2. A cat's filler for a fresh smell in the refrigerator

Cat litter is an excellent absorbent odor. If you pour it into a small container and put it in the refrigerator, then a fresh smell is provided.

After all, even if all the products in the fridge are fresh, there is a mixture of different odors, and at the exit we get a dubious aroma. It is better to use silica gel fillers, mineral will not give such a result, and wood has its own distinct smell.

3. How to perfectly clean the blender

Everything ingenious is simple: add some water and detergent to the blender and run it for a while. After that, you just need to rinse the bowl.

4. Salty grapefruit will clear limescale

This unexpected combination will help get rid of the lime scale in the bathroom. Cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle the salt in half and brush the resulting bath or faience with this sponge.

Caution: in order not to scratch the surface, you need to take the finest salt, the structure is closer to the soda.

To keep the whiteness or to freshen the not-perfect white thing, you can soak it in this way: mix equal parts of washing powder, bleach and shredded tablets for the dishwasher.

Soak the laundry for a while in this mixture, and then wash it in the usual way. You can only use a pill, but then dissolve it and soak the laundry in very hot water.

6. To save the bright color of things ordinary salt will help.

To return the former brightness to things that have lost color, add to the washing machine in the rinse mode of a half cup of ordinary fine salt for a standard wash of 2 kg. Or you can rinse the laundry manually.

The colors will become juicy again.

7. The secret of quick cleaning of baseboards - tough broom plus microfiber cloth

To wash a thin part of the baseboard near the wall, use a stiff broom. Wrap it in a microfiber cloth and quickly walk through uncomfortable places throughout the apartment. It takes a few minutes.

8. The pan will last 2 times longer if not soaked immediately.

The easiest way to spoil the coating of the pan is to soak it hot. This will cause the food to burn even on a good coating, and greasy traces will be harder to wash.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to wait until the pan cools, and only then soak.

9. Ice cubes will help to remove traces of furniture from carpet

You can use ice to level the carpet when it has heavy furniture prints. Spread the cubes around the perimeter of the damage and leave overnight. Water will be gradually absorbed into the pile, and it will straighten.

The secret is in gradualness, wetting the pile with a spray gun does not work as effectively.

10. Clean the knife holder with a vacuum cleaner and hairdryer.

The fastest way to clean a wooden knife holder is to use a thin vacuum cleaner attachment. This method will be more effective if before this to clean the holes with a thin wire-brush (sold in any stores for creativity). The remains of dust can be blown dry on the strongest mode, it is better to do it over the sink or bathroom, turning the stand away from you.

11. Grill and skewers are easy to clean with the onion.

Fat and soot on the grill or skewers perfectly removes the usual white onions. Cut the onion in half and prick on a fork. The grate needs to be cleaned while it is hot.

Onions will quickly clean the grill and add extra flavor to the new dishes.

12. A greasy stain from wallpaper and clothes will eliminate ordinary chalk.

Chalk will easily cope with the fat spot planted, whether it be wallpaper or fabric. It is necessary to rub a spot with chalk (but not color) and wait 5 minutes. After that, wipe the place with a damp cloth.

With particularly corrosive stains, you can repeat the procedure several times.

13. Gold jewelry cleans effectively with beer.

To clean and make sparkling gold jewelry, you need to wipe them with a napkin dipped in a light beer. Excellent results will be immediately noticeable on products without impurities, but it is better not to use this method on jewelry with stones.

14. Stickers with new products are easy to remove with a hair dryer.

Stickers with new products, even glued "tightly", can be removed without a trace, if you first warm them with a hairdryer for about a minute. They will easily go away, leaving no traces of paper and glue.

15. The shell of hard-boiled eggs can be used to clean vases and bottles.

Tanks with a narrow neck can be cleaned using crushed shell. Put it inside the bottle or vase and add some dishwashing liquid. Shake and leave the mixture for a while.

Pour the mixture and rinse the container well.

Like the tips? Or maybe you have interesting ideas that you are willing to share?