Useful ideas

15 fresh ideas of decor and restore order in the kitchen


The kitchen is a place where even a modern housewife spends a lot of time.

And for some, the kitchen is also a meeting place with friends or a place of solitude.

This review contains original ideas that will help to make the kitchen interior really cozy, and even bring about an almost perfect order.

1. Kitchen apron in the style of "gingham"

Stylish kitchen apron.

Fashionable gingham design on the anti-splash coating of kitchen walls is a fairly simple way to bring new colors and patterns to the space dominated by white cabinets. To make such an "apron", you need to buy a small tile in three different colors. Then you need to lay out the pattern of tiles in squares, as shown in the photo.

2. Kitchen photo collage

Home art for the kitchen.

Objects that are usually stored in the pantry or simply "away from the eyes," can become a real pop art, if you expose them, hanging on the wall in a transparent vinyl "framework". As such "pictures" you can use anything from candies to aprons for cooking.

3. Wall map

Map is appropriate everywhere.

Another idea of ​​how to decorate a kitchen is quite simple. We take a map of the country, insert it into a wooden frame and hang it on the kitchen wall.

4. Wall board for notes

Place for the most valuable entries.

It is very easy to make and easy to clean. Such a smart board is ideal for mail and important notes that can be glued to it. It can be fixed to the refrigerator or put on the side of the kitchen table.

5. Leather mat

Stylish alternative to tablecloths.

Large leather mats are made of six pieces of sheep skin, stitched together, and lined with canvas. They can be a great alternative to tablecloths.

6. Magnetic Kitchen Board

To not lose anything and not to forget.

Magnetic bulletin boards and notes are very convenient, but usually they have very limited color options. Why not make your own board that fits the kitchen interior.

7. Decorative chair backs

And the back of a chair can be a bright detail.

Usually in the kitchen all use very banal chairs. In fact, it is very easy to decorate even the cheapest chairs by simply sticking paper applications on their backs or painting them by hand.

8. Transparent containers

Transparent containers - original decor for the kitchen.

Airtight plastic or glass containers allow you to quickly see how many cooking ingredients are left in them. Such containers also protect dry products from moisture and pests. If you pick up beautiful containers, you can use them as a decoration for the kitchen, exposing them on a rack or on open shelves.

9. Wicker seats for chairs and stools

Original kitchen stools.

Even the most common stools can be made to look completely different. To do this, on the seat you need to put a braided rug of ropes.

10. Organizer for the cabinet

Organizer is useful everywhere.

You can conveniently store your baking trays, plates and cutting boards between the tension rods for curtains. It is necessary to measure the vertical distance between the two shelves of the cabinet, then place suitable rods between the shelves, as shown in the photo, and tighten them.

11. Green buckets


Separate garbage collection within home cooking.

Recycling can save the planet - but not putting 3 containers for different types of waste at home. Easy to use "sorting station" of 3 buckets will help with this.

12. Kitchen cabinet

Classic in the modern kitchen.

No need to feel limited to existing storage space in the kitchen. You can take, for example, a cabinet in which dishes and sets are stored. To it, you can add additional storage space by simply installing shelves.

13. Tablecloth card

Map as a tablecloth.

A large unfolded map can protect the tabletop from scratches and stains just as good as a tablecloth. To do this, you can use almost any fairly solid card.

14. Storage for plastic bags

Original storage of plastic bags.

Plastic bags and paper bags, it seems, by themselves, “multiply” at home, even if you try to take them to the minimum from stores. It is worth making sure that they are reused. The easiest way to do this is if the paper bags are always on hand in a convenient holder, which also corresponds to the kitchen decor.

15. Bright and colorful tablecloth

Bright details in the kitchen are always relevant.

Who said that the tablecloth must be white. Bright and cheerful textiles make you smile during breakfast.