Useful ideas

17 secrets to help you easily cope with everyday problems


In life, it is already full of difficulties in order to fill them with everyday life.

Few people realize, but there are many options for how to make your life easier, you just start doing the usual things in a different way.

This article presents 17 different tricks that will probably come in handy for everyone.

1. How to hang a sweater

So that the sweater does not stretch.

The width of the shoulders often exceeds the width of the hangers, because of which the jackets hang on them unreliably and sometimes fall, and sometimes the discrepancy in size causes deformation of the product. And so that such troubles no longer happen, you just need to hang the sweaters differently, or rather not hang them, but fold them.

To do this, lay out the product on a flat surface, then fold it in half, and put the coat hanger on top so that the hook from it falls into the armpit area. Now just wrap the product around the hanger and that's all, you can not be afraid that the sweater will fall down.

2. To keep the trash bag from slipping into the bucket

Correct fixation of the garbage bag.

Probably, many are familiar with the situation when a garbage bag falls into a container, as a result of which the meaning of its being in the bucket is lost. To prevent this from happening, first, it is better to buy bags with pens or use those that are given in supermarkets. Secondly, to the bucket you need to attach hooks on a sticky basis, which are sold in hardware stores. Now, when you immerse the bag in the bucket, just fasten its handles on the hooks, and it will not crawl anymore.

3. Ice bag

Cold compress for all occasions.

If there are athletes in the house who are prone to injury, or children who regularly get bruises, then such a bag is simply necessary. It is useful to apply something cold to the affected place, and in order not to defrost food, you can do the following. You will need a zip-lock bag, medical alcohol and water. Mix water and alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 3, respectively, pour liquid into the bag, close it tightly and place in the freezer. Is done.

Be elegant!

No matter how beautiful it looks and no matter how comfortable it is, holding a glass of wine for a glass is wrong. For this, the glass has a long leg. And the thing is that the body temperature warms the drink very quickly, which leads to a loss of the primary taste qualities of the wine.

5. Wear headphones properly.

And even headphones need to be able to wear properly.

Vacuum, vertical and droplet headphones are now at the peak of their popularity, but they all have one unpleasant feature - they often fall out of the ears, especially while walking or jogging. In order for the headphones to sit more tightly and not jump out of where they should not be, put them on upside down, having previously inserted a wire behind the ear.

6. High-quality protection against drops

And the brush will never fail.

To protect everything from unnecessary pollution and more economical to expend paint from the can, you can use the most common stationery gum. The last need to pull on the jar as shown in the image. And each time, removing the brush from the jar, you just need to remove the excess on the stretched gum.

7. Universal covers for clothes

Hide winter clothes for the summer.

If there is no room in the dressing closet, or suddenly an unexpected move has occurred, in order not to waste time collecting things, you can put them in a big bag all at once, and tighten them from the bags themselves with rubber bands or ribbons. Hanging things on the spot will also be easier and faster.

8. Compact and convenient cold storage

The original way to store food in the refrigerator.

Products packaged in bags, it is convenient to store in a suspended state. So they will not overturn and will not take up much space. And to fix the packages in a hanging state, you can use metal clips for papers (binders).

9. Silver cleaning

Clean the silver.

Silver jewelery often loses its appeal and requires regular cleaning. Return the former beauty of silver can be foil and soda. Cover the bottom of the glassware with foil, boil water in a separate saucepan, then add the soda, based on the proportion - 200 g of soda per 4 liters of liquid. As soon as the violent reaction is completed, pour the prepared solution into a bowl with foil, in which you first immerse the silver jewelry. Wait a few minutes, and then remove - after such a manipulation of silver will shine like new.

10. Convenient stand for smartphone

From what's at hand.

Like to watch videos through a smartphone? Then you definitely need a stand. And in order not to spend money on purpose, you can replace it with simple sunglasses, arranging them as shown in the photo.

11. Waterproof shoes

And even rag slippers can be waterproof.

To make rag shoes waterproof, treat them with simple beeswax. Thoroughly wipe the surface of the shoe with a piece of wax and everything, now they have a water-repellent surface.

12. Remains of Nutella

We eat up Nutella to a drop.

It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to this delicacy. And to eat all the sweetness out of the jar, just throw a couple of ice-cream spoons into it and wait until it is completely melted. Shake well and pour into a glass - this will make a delicious cocktail with Nutella. By the way, if you want a more "light" drink, take plain milk instead of ice cream.

13. How to store rolls

How to store wallpaper and paper correctly.

So that the rolls do not unwind during storage, place them in cut-off sleeves from toilet paper.

14. Water balance

Control water consumption.

The fact that for the health of each person is useful to drink about 1.5 liters of water a day, many people know. But to record the amount of fluid you drink is inconvenient, or even you can forget about it. To make the process without problems, take a regular plastic bottle or several, depending on the size, and mark them by the hour, when you need to drink the next batch and in what quantity.

15. So that the headphones are no longer confused.

Keep your headphones right.

No matter how carefully the headphones originally folded, they still go awry. And to avoid this, simply fix them in the folded state with the help of miniature hair crabs.

16. Food Container

A food container could be like that.

The times have already passed when music was often listened to on discs, but the boxes for their storage still remain in the possession of the majority. So that they do not gather dust on the shelves, they can find very useful applications, for example, to keep breakfast in them. True, they must be thoroughly washed beforehand.

17. How to fix the carpet

That the carpet did not slide on the floor.

So that the carpet does not crawl all over the room, it can be fixed in one place, simply by fastening it on the wrong side with adhesive tape. The latter can be purchased at any store that sells sewing accessories. That side of the tape, which will be on the floor, can be fixed on a double-sided tape, and it can be sewn to the carpet with a secret stitch.