Useful ideas

25 kitchen life hacking that you want to bring to life right now


The kitchen is the place where we spend a considerable part of our time cooking on it and eating the fruits of our culinary creativity. It often happens that, due to our own ignorance, we carelessly spoil products or simply have no idea that, for example, you can make a super-tasty snack from bread, and you do not need to use a knife to clear mangoes.

Next you will find a collection of useful kitchen tips that will be useful to everyone.

Cut the desired piece of cheese with the packaging

And do not throw it away - use as a cover for the remaining cheese.

Smear chicken eggs with vegetable oil

Before you put them in the fridge, they will stay fresh for three to four weeks longer.

Clean ginger with a teaspoon

To cut the cake is not stale ...

... attach a piece of bread to the cut-out site with toothpicks. Let it be stale.

Pierce a lemon with a toothpick and lightly push it

Life hacking works for recipes that require only a few drops of lemon juice. Then cover the hole with scotch tape and put the lemon in the fridge.

Add some vinegar to the jar of mayonnaise

As well as olive oil and spices - you will get an excellent salad dressing and at the same time a clean can after.

Dampen fresh berries in a weak acetic solution

So they are not moldy.

Keep onions and garlic in perforated paper bags

They will last without mold for at least two months.

Cut the avocado and keep it with onion

So it will not turn black. An alternative is to sprinkle with avocado apple cider vinegar.

Keep apples and potatoes together

Ethylene contained in apples will not allow potatoes to sprout.

Pour hot milk into Nutella tin

Our favorite kitchen life hack: shake it up well and get hot chocolate!

Here's a great way to peel a mango.

Keep pineapples upside down

So they mature faster. Above all, do not forget to tear off the leaves.

Celery keep in foil

So he will live as much as a whole month. The same technique works with broccoli.

Banks with nut oil, too, keep upside down

It will be easier to get it from there.

Wrap banana root with scotch tape

They will begin to turn black 3-5 days later.

Do not throw away the yellowing greens

Finely chop, mix with olive oil (or melted cream) and pour the mixture into ice molds - useful in pasta and all sorts of salads.

Hide the lettuce in a paper bag.

Before you put it in the fridge, of course. And do not break loose leaves - so the core will stay fresh longer.

Dried chips and crackers can be brought back to life

Sticking them in the microwave (or oven).

In the same oven, you can speed up the process of ripening bananas.

Warm up pizza in a skillet

The oil in the crust will give it back its crunchiness.

Make a delicious snack of bread and cheese

Intensely shake the egg for 2-3 minutes

Then cook - you get a real golden egg.

Prepare an interesting breakfast by placing an egg in a ring of onion or pepper.

Make beautiful lemon flowers to decorate the cake