Useful ideas

18 household tricks that will make life easier


Even in the walls of the house there are situations when dexterity and non-standard approach are required. It is this that will help save time and sometimes nerves, streamline things in the house and generally make life easier.

In this article we will talk about 18 tricks that, for sure, will be useful to many.

1. Fast packing

We pack things quickly and conveniently.

In order not to waste time on removing things from hangers and neatly folding, you can simply take a few large garbage bags, and immerse things in them without even taking them out of the closet. Quickly and in the process nothing will be remembered. Moreover, the subsequent unpacking also does not take much time.

2. Fixing the tablet on the wall

Reliable and budget mount for the tablet.

Why give money for special holders if you can use ordinary plastic self-adhesive hooks for this purpose? They need to glue as shown in the image - an unusual and convenient holder is ready!

3. Universal wrench

To the key was in size.

If the itch to loosen the nut, but the required key size was not found at hand - no problem. Take the one that is bigger and in the process use a coin that will adjust the tool to the desired size.

4. Hermetic packaging

Home Tetrapak.

The most common neck of a plastic bottle has great potential. With it, you can make a soft packaging from bulk products tight. Simply cut off the neck, leaving a small part of the bottle, remove the cap and pass the top of the bag through the hole. Then turn the cellophane out and twist the cover back. Done!

5. Holes in the wall

A hole in the wall is easy.

To hang the item on the wall smoothly, before you drill a hole, scan it and print it. A paper copy will make holes in the right places and prevent mistakes.

Reliable cache for the key.

Hiding the keys to the house under the rug is already unsafe. Many thieves know about this hiding place and can easily enter the dwelling. Much more original and safer option would be to use a jar for analysis. To the cover of the container with hot glue you just need to stick a stone. Put the key in the container and immerse the cache in the general pile of stones in front of the house.

7. Autonomous irrigation system

And indoor plants just will not wither.

Fill glass bottles with water and bury them in flower pots with the neck down as shown in the photo. This trick will allow you to forget about watering plants for about a week, which is very useful when the owners leave the house on trips.

8. Cozy sandbox

For the comfort of the baby.

It is possible to arrange entertainment for children in a tent by pouring sand into it. This way you will have a very cozy and compact sandbox, which will be protected from rain. Such an invention will surely be appreciated by the younger members of the family.

9. Search for small items

Find any little thing.

If some little thing rolled under the sofa, and you have lost hope of finding it on your own, a vacuum cleaner and nylon tights will come to the rescue. Remove the foot from the instrument tube and stretch the nylon tights instead. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and run it into a place where loss could potentially lie. Thanks to the stocking, the trifle will not slip into the vacuum cleaner itself, but it will cling to matter.

10. Convenient Christmas tree packaging

Packing Christmas tree.

This trick will be to the liking of those who every year have to overcome laziness to remove the Christmas tree. Without removing the toys, wrap them with ordinary cling film and dispose of them from the apartment. Next year, the New Year's attribute will not even have to be dressed up - all that remains is to just remove the film and everything will be ready.

11. Original place for hangers.

Chair as a hanger.

Upholstered folding chairs can be nailed on the wall and used as additional shelves and a place for hangers.

12. And the nail is clogged, and the fingers are intact

And the fingers are intact, and the nail is clogged.

In order to avoid knocking yourself with your fingers while hammering, you can fix the nail with a comb.

13. Alternative to matches

Spaghetti as an alternative to matches.

If at the right moment there were no matches in the house, they can easily be replaced with ordinary spaghetti, which burn no worse than wood. Moreover, sometimes they are more convenient in operation than the duration of burning.

14. Convenient cold storage

Kitchen ergonomics.

So that the products in the bags do not roll around the refrigerator, they can be fixed to the grid with a paper clip. Thus, it is possible to bring order in the refrigerator and prevent spilling of food.

15. Compact storage T-shirts

Always ironed shirts.

To conveniently position the T-shirts, you can float the rings for the bathroom curtains. They need to fasten on a hanger in the right quantity, and then on the rings themselves to string the shirts. Convenient, compact and nothing will be remembered.

16. Unusual laptop stand

And the fan is not needed.

A dense tray from under the eggs will fit perfectly as a stand for a laptop so that it does not overheat during operation. Budget and efficient option.

17. Express cooling drinks

Quickly cool drink? Yes, easily!

Wrap the bottle of drink in a damp cloth and put it in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes. This will be enough to cool the liquid.

18. Fixing the ends of the adhesive tape

And no torment.

In order not to constantly look for the beginning of the adhesive tape, and then not to tear it off - stick on the tip of the sticky side a regular clip that will fix the tape and prevent it from cleaving to the surface.