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24 stylish examples of the use of wooden gratings in the interior of an apartment


Wooden trellis in trend is not the first decade. They were popular in country and resort houses, because they allowed to zone the space. Wooden grids look light and airy, let in light and create a feeling of airiness in space.

Today, this element of the interior returns to modern interiors, and designers offer all new ideas that will be appropriate even in a city apartment.

Space zoning

Wooden lattice doors and screens are a great idea of ​​how to neatly divide zones in a room without creating a cluttered look and letting in the light (which means that the zones will not visually appear small). The wooden lattice is perfect for separating the cabinet from the bedroom, bathroom from the bedroom, balcony or terrace from the interior of the apartment - after all, when using it, the zones will be separated, but not completely. You can even add such a lattice in glass doors to give the space more privacy. Another big advantage of the lattice elements is that they bring a relaxed or simply “summer” feeling to the room.

1. Air cabinet

Lattice wardrobe in the interior.

Gorgeous wardrobe in a country house. Its wooden doors were completely painted white to give the room a light and airy atmosphere.

2. Folding wooden lattice screens

Optimizing space.

The interior of the room can be made much more open. To do this, you need similar folding wooden lattice screens.

3. White grilles for zoning

White grids as a zoning option.

Wooden lattice screens on the rollers, painted white. It is a great idea to separate any area in the house or apartment when it is needed.

4. Lattice doors

For vintage lovers.

"Shabby" and artificially aged wooden doors with lattice top. They not only add interest to this room in an industrial style, but also hide cabinets behind them.

6. Sharing space

Bathroom in the bedroom + grill.

Wooden lattice doors can be a good idea to separate the bathroom from the bedroom.

7. Cabinets with grills

Cabinets with grills a la Vostok.

Gray slate cabinets were equipped with wooden lattice doors. After that, they began to look quite elegant and with a hint of "vintage".

8. Rattan and wood screens

Rattan screens are appropriate in any interior.

Elegant and graceful rattan and wood screens. They perfectly divide the zones inside the house, while not cluttering it at all.

9. Open redevelopment

Elegant grill instead of wall.

Wooden lattice doors gently separate the sleeping area from the rest of the open plan. At the same time they let the light through.

10. And behind the screen is a laundry.

For masking the most necessary places.

Home "laundry" can be hidden behind wooden lattice screens. This will give the space a more spacious, but less messy look.

Wooden furniture

Wooden lattices are usually used for the manufacture of furniture doors - for example, they are ideal for cabinets. You can even make a full cabinet finish with similar doors, and this will subconsciously provide people in a room with a closet with the feeling of summer and vacation. Various cabinets, wardrobes, chests of drawers and other furniture for storage are ideally combined with wooden lattice doors that do not make them look bulky, but, on the contrary, add an “airy” feeling of summer and open space. It would also be a good idea to use such doors for laundries and closets to hide washing machines, dryers and other things.

11. Original cabinet doors

For the most elegant cabinet.

Built-in racks, closed wooden lattice screens. Built-in interior lighting gives this storage space the appearance of a modern space.

12. Chic chest of drawers

The perfect solution for a stylish interior.

A chic dresser with wooden lattice doors gives the room the impression that it is located somewhere on the seashore. Also, such a chest of drawers looks very airy.

13. Large wardrobe

Such a wardrobe would be appropriate in any room.

Large wardrobe with wooden lattice doors give a relaxing atmosphere and a sense of peace to the bathroom.

14. Storage Systems

Storage systems of wooden grates.

Long storage made from wooden gratings. This design will not only stand out in the room, but also gives the room a more orderly appearance.

15. Lattice cabinets in modern style

Natural furniture is always in the price.

Long bedside tables with wooden lattice doors and a wooden tabletop in the Art Nouveau style of the middle of the last century.

16. Grid doors

What is behind the door?

Traditional laundry with washing machine and dryer behind lattice doors. This not only simplifies its use, but also prevents clutter.

17. Wardrobes with lattice doors.

Such cabinets are good for any hallway.

Traditional entrance hall with large wardrobe with wooden lattice doors. Does not it look much less cumbersome compared to conventional cabinets.

18. Vintage locker


Vintage cabinet made of wooden gratings. It is ideal as a closet for a country house or cottage.

19. Laundry

Optimizing space.

White laundry in which all the washers are covered with wooden bars. This creates a perfect uncluttered look.

20. Antique bench

Exquisite sofa.

Antique bench with lattices. Not only does she look very elegant, but also provides a relaxed feeling.

21. Rattan cabinet

And well-known brands love lattice ideas.

Wardrobe IKEA Stockholm rattan grill. This is a great idea for a "summer corner" to appear in the house.

22. Cabinet that expands the space.

Almost air closet.

A wardrobe made of wooden gratings in the hallway will give it a more “airy” look and visually expand the space.

23. Stylish and spectacular

Stylish wardrobe in the interior.

Such a chic wooden wardrobe with lattice doors will add style to any room. Also, it will not look bulky.

24. Grids that help to hide a mess

And the room is always in order.

With the help of sliding doors with a wooden lattice you can hide the shelves. So you can avoid confusion and provide easy access to things.