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25 examples of stylish kitchen aprons that will transform the interior

Marble is a timeless, but expensive material that can be used to decorate any space. It will fit any style - from industrial to glam.

Many people install marble wall aprons in showers and bathrooms, and more and more often they think about installing similar aprons in other places, since marble is a fashionable material. If someone doubts whether such a thing is suitable for his kitchen, it is worth looking at a few examples below.

Marble aprons

Marble apron is always a stylish, chic and elegant design element, and it can fit almost any interior, from minimalism to vintage. The apron can contrast or fit the interior, and both options are good - it depends on the effect you want to create. With the help of a wall apron, you can extend the back panel of the tabletop, as well as give the kitchen a more interesting look. Or you can expand the marble panel to the entire wall to cabinets or shelves. There are many shades of marble that you can try: gray, white, black and many others, and each slab looks unique. In any case, the kitchen will become more textural, stylish and exquisite with a similar marble apron.

1. Natural motives

Natural motives.

Sage-green nightstands and a village-white marble apron with countertops. They go well with open wooden shelves.

2. In dark colors

Almost perfect kitchen island.

Sage cabinets, gray marble apron and worktop and wooden kitchen island. All this together gives the kitchen a chic and sophisticated modern look.

3. In contrasts

Black and white.

Smooth white cabinets and white marble apron. This makes the space very refined and "clear".

4. On the waves of comfort

Minimalism in blue.

Blue minimalist kitchen with gray marble apron and black dining table. This gorgeous combination will surely appeal to many.

5. Aristocratic pallor

Pale mint is good in any kitchen.

Kitchen in pale mint with apron and white marble worktop. Above the apron is a long open shelf.

6. "Wow effect"

For connoisseurs of special effects.

The rich wooden kitchen contrasts with the apron and white marble worktop. Together, this design creates a “wow effect”.

7. Elegant old

In the heritage from aristocrats.

No less stylish looks super elegant old kitchen. Especially forest green cabinets and a gray marble apron stand out.

8. Pink terracotta

Terracotta is always stylish.

Terracotta pink kitchen with open shelving, wooden cabinets and white marble apron and worktop.

9. Modern elegance

Nothing extra.

Elegant modern kitchen in two colors. Black and white marble apron and table top give a refined feel.

10. Bright minimalism

Light colors and a little gilding.

Cream and light green cabinets with gold-plated handles and white marble apron. Together it looks gorgeous and elegant.

11. Monochrome

Almost like a black and white photo.

Monochromatic space in black and white with a white marble apron. Black lamps look especially good.

12. Gray as dominant

Different shades of gray in the kitchen look just great.

Graphite-gray cabinets contrast with gray-white marble apron and table top. A special "highlight" gives a black tap.

13. Interior kitchen delights

The main thing in the interior is elegance.

Gray-white marble kitchen apron and countertop. They give a great exquisite look to the kitchen.

14. Dark tones and some gold

For fine connoisseurs.

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with black marble apron and worktop. They decorate the kitchen space and clearly make you understand that the kitchen owner has a taste.

Marble Tile Aprons

Marble is a very expensive material, and if you do not want to spend a fortune on kitchen decor, you can use marble tiles. In fact, the tile provides even more space for creativity: there are different shapes and sizes - hexagons, subway tiles, long and narrow, square, round, etc. Of them, many patterns can be made. You can also, for example, make an entire apron from a tile in the entire wall or lay out just a couple of rows for it and paint the wall in a contrasting color.

15. Classics of the genre

White marble - timeless classics.

Minimalist white kitchen with an apron of white marble tiles. Special spice give "blotches" gray.

16. Wood accents

Wood and marble is an interesting solution.

Minimalist white kitchen with wooden shelves and wooden worktop trim. The apron is made of gray hexagonal marble tiles.

17. Maritime style

Dark blue kitchen with white trim.

Kitchen in dark blue color with copper finish. Apron of gray marble tiles obviously adds style to it.

18. Copper accents

Copper fittings are very relevant in the dark kitchen.

Kitchen in dark blue color with copper finish. Here an apron of hexagonal marble tiles adds a sense of sophistication.

19. Tradition + glamor

And even in the kitchen crystal is appropriate.

Traditional gray kitchen with glamorous features similar to a crystal chandelier. Here the apron was made to match the design of gray marble tiles.

20. A la light brick

Bright kitchen with an apron a la brick.

Traditional white kitchen with marble marble slabs on the back wall and walls and wooden pins

21. Gray on white

Gray and white is always stylish.

White kitchen with gray countertops. An apron of gray marble tiles "Metro" gives it a new modern look.

22. Style in detail

Chevron patterns in the finish.

Elegant marble tiles lined with a chevron pattern are a smart and elegant idea. It is perfect for traditional cuisine.

23. Universal solution

Gray tile is a universal solution.

Gray marble tile "Metro" is ideal for a two-ton gray-white kitchen. It adds a refined sensation.

24. For real gourmets

Super Style

Dark blue cabinets, Carrara marble apron and wooden open shelving. In combination, it creates a super stylish feeling.

25. Favorable combination

Dark wood and gray marble.

Dark wood kitchen cabinets blend well with gray marble tiles for apron and countertops.