Useful ideas

10 design ideas that will turn any apartment into a cozy nest

Of course, it is difficult to quickly update the usual, the interior, which was formed over the years, even if there is a great desire. However, knowing some of the tricks used by many designers, you can revive the apartment and re-create comfort in the house. Sometimes it is worth simply to outweigh your favorite picture, rearrange books on the shelves, or find a new place for a home plant, as the atmosphere in the apartment will sparkle with new colors.

we collected simple and proven tricks of designers that you can use today.

1. Move the plant to the corner

We used to place plants on window sills. However, putting flowers on window sills is a controversial idea, because it can become dark in the room, especially if the plants are large. If you have an empty corner in the room, feel free to place your favorite plant there. It is better if it is volumetric, then it will immediately fit into the interior. Choose unpretentious plants to spend less time on care, for example, lyciform ficus or monstera. And if you follow the Feng Shui, bamboo improves the atmosphere in the room, so you can put a pot of bamboo in any corner of the kitchen. In addition, for a large plant, you can choose a beautiful volumetric pot, which will also decorate the interior.

2. Use books as decoration

We need books not only for self-development. Sometimes they can solve some design problems. Several books on which you put a statuette or a night light will play the role of a pedestal and enliven the interior. Also, books can align the furnishings with height to achieve orderliness. Books will also come in handy if you have empty shelves or boring furniture: a few bright covers will solve this problem.

3. Hang the paintings

Many are accustomed to hang pictures or photos exactly along the axis of the sofa or bed. However, this does not make your apartment unique. Look around: in your apartment the pictures hung along the axis look really boring. Just hang the frame a little to the side and below the usual: the asymmetry will look advantageous, and the interior will play in a new way. To turn an ordinary interior into a designer one, place or hang pictures below and closer to the edge.

4. Do not be afraid of transparent objects and furniture.

Often the traditional interior with heavy furniture looks boring. Transform it will help the use of transparent interior or furniture. Such a contrast will immediately revive the interior. In addition, transparent furniture or objects do not visually occupy space. It is not necessary to immediately buy transparent chairs or a table. To get started, try to put on the table a large transparent vase with one flower, and your interior will immediately change.

5. Remember your favorite color

Surely you have a favorite color. Why not make it the main focus of your home? Do not be afraid to use this color again and again, acquiring new interior items or repainting the walls. In the interior, where there is your favorite color, you feel much more comfortable and free. The predominance of one color will make your home unique and special. But remember that bright color always looks more effective on a white or light neutral background.

6. Add carelessness to the interior.

Use blankets more often in the interior - they give the room a cozy and habitable look. Especially if it is contrasted in color with your bed or sofa. Forget about internal perfectionism: a plaid carelessly spread out on a sofa will play with new colors in the interior. Moreover, you will appreciate it exactly when you come back from work with the desire to wrap yourself in a cozy bedspread.

7. Arrange books by colors of a rainbow

Reorganize your home library: rearrange your favorite books by their cover color. Moreover, you can change the exposure according to mood, according to the rainbow spectrum or gradient. Such a small rearrangement immediately revives the interior and arranges the space. Of course, not all covers have bright colors, then you can wrap them in colored paper, at the same time update old covers. Your cabinets will look new.

8. Buy bright pillows

The easiest way to update the familiar interior is to change pillow cases in pillows or buy new ones. Choose contrasting colors of fabric, then the room will definitely transform. The same secret applies to all textiles in the house: change curtains, tablecloth or bedspreads.

9. Use garlands

It doesn't matter that before the New Year there are still many months. Find Christmas lights on the mezzanines and decorate with them a bedroom or a closet in the living room. With this simple trick, you can create a festive atmosphere in an apartment in a few minutes. In addition, this additional lighting will add new colors to the house and make the room brighter.

10. Keep your bike on the wall

Why hide a bike on the balcony or in the hallway, where it only hinders? Why not bring the "iron friend" into the living room and make it the center of the interior? This method of storage will reflect your active life position. You can find the most simple and inexpensive fixtures for the wall. And for the most courageous there is an option to hang the bike on the ceiling. In any case, this interior decoration will remind you of warm days and bike rides better than any photos.