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100% result, or Than wash the fridge inside to destroy the smell


Many food products are stored in the refrigerator, both in cheese and in cooked form. Not always, placing containers, we follow all the recommendations of manufacturers, flavors mixed with improper storage.

In addition, you can not notice spilled liquid or products with expiring shelf life. All these factors become sources of unpleasant odors. Any hostess should know how to wash the fridge inside to destroy the smell. Today, as always, we will offer the best ways to solve this problem.

It is important to determine the source of the unpleasant smell.

Why a smell may appear in the refrigerator: the main reasons

To effectively and quickly remove the smell from the refrigerator, it is desirable to understand the cause of its origin. There are two main groups:

  • Factory - manufacturers warn about this in the instructions, in addition, there are recommendations for its elimination. Often enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth with the use of any detergent composition;
  • Household reasons - the smell is due to the storage of products with a past shelf life, as well as, if the food is uncovered by the film, spilled and uncleaned liquids.

What can wash the new fridge before first use: features of different models

Many believe that the new technology does not need cleaning, but it is not. The production of refrigerators is not considered to be sterile, moreover, storage and transportation impose their mark. Therefore, almost every new equipment has a specific smell. If you do not get rid of it before the start of operation, the aroma will be absorbed into the products that will be subsequently stored in the chamber.

Features cleaning the camera with the system "No Frost"

The modern system "No Frost" is freezing without ice, the equipment is equipped with innovative ventilation, which eliminates the problem of defrosting. But whatever the good system, many users are faced with the real problem of how to remove the unpleasant smell in the new refrigerator. The main reason is a condensate tray, it is located in a hard-to-reach place, sometimes to clean it you need to remove the back panel of the refrigerator. Owners of equipment must follow the shelf life of products. Defrosting such a unit is necessary twice a year.

For the "No Frost" system, cleaning surfaces using popular recipes is desirable.

How to wash inside a regular refrigerator

You can use the following tips, how to wash the refrigerator so that it does not smell:

  1. using a detergent to wipe the surfaces: shelves, drawers and grilles;
  2. do not forget about cleaning the back panel and freezer compartment;
  3. the door is given more attention, especially trays and containers that are placed on it;
  4. after cleaning, rinse the surface with water and wipe dry;
  5. if after the manipulation the smell did not go away, you need to wipe the surfaces with soda powder, lemongrass or vinegar;
  6. It is possible to connect the refrigerator and lay out products in it after 4 hours, in the summer the time of its complete drying is reduced to 1-2 hours.
During the first cleaning should pay attention to detail.

What chemicals can wash the fridge inside to destroy the smell

Today, the trading network offers a wide range of household chemicals, which effectively clean the smell in the refrigerator at home. But before you make a purchase, you can use any liquid that is designed for washing dishes. In its composition there is a perfume, sometimes it is enough just such a method. If desired, you can buy any drug. In most cases, they are available as a spray for more convenient use. Additionally, the composition has a flavoring that helps destroy bacteria.

How to quickly get rid of the smell in the refrigerator with the help of folk remedies

In the case of the emergence of "flavor" from the camera, you do not need to rush to the store for household chemicals. To cope with this will help folk recipes. Before removing the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator, you should disconnect the device from the power supply, release it from its contents, and also make an inventory of the products.

How to remove stagnant odor from the refrigerator with vinegar or soda

Soda is the first aid in many difficult situations in the kitchen, it should be in the arsenal of every hostess. Before you remove the smell from the refrigerator, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare a mixture of 80 g of powder per 1 liter of water.
  2. Remove grilles and shelves and wipe them with a mixture, and also treat the internal surfaces and the door of the refrigerator.
  3. Dry everything with a towel.

Vinegar also provides invaluable assistance in combating odor. Pre-dilute the 9% solution with water in equal proportions, then treat the entire chamber with the composition and wipe it dry.

It is important! Treat the surface with vinegar in a special dressing and rubber gloves to prevent it from entering the respiratory system and on the skin of the hands. After cleaning, the refrigerator must be ventilated for 2–3 hours.

Faithful helpers in the fight against smell

How to get rid of a strong unpleasant smell in the fridge: ammonia or lemon juice - the best means

Strong odor is eliminated using the following homemade recipes.


Per 100 ml of water, add 1 ml of sal ammoniac, then rinse the internal surfaces with the prepared composition. After that, dry everything, and leave the refrigerator open for a while for airing.

Ammonia diluted in proportion 1: 100


Squeeze the juice of half of the fruit, dilute it in 1 liter of water. The resulting solution to wipe the camera from the inside. At the end of the process, be sure to dry everything.

Lemon perfectly removes odor and deodorizes the camera.

How to quickly eliminate the smell of mold in the refrigerator using soap and hydrogen peroxide

If you are faced with the question of how to clean the refrigerator from the smell of mold, which could arise from condensation or a tainted product, hydrogen peroxide or soap will come to the rescue.

Hydrogen peroxide

Can be diluted in 1 liter oxen 1 tsp. peroxide. To enhance the effect should be added to the composition 1 tsp. vinegar. Carefully process all surfaces with the prepared solution, not forgetting the component parts, drawers and grilles.

Laundry soap

Everyone knows the detrimental effect of an alkaline environment on any microorganisms, including fungus and mold. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Grate some soap on a coarse grater.
  2. Dissolve the mush in a small amount of warm water.
  3. In the evening, treat with the composition of all surfaces and leave for exposure until the morning.
  4. Rinse and wipe dry with clean water.
For cleaning it is enough to rub on a grater half of a piece of soap.

The better to wash the freezer of the refrigerator after defrosting and what to look for

An unpleasant aroma in the freezer can trigger a sudden power outage at a time when there were no owners. All products after defrosting will deteriorate. Before you remove the smell in the refrigerator, you need to turn off the equipment, defrost it and throw away everything that had time to spoil. For cleaning, you can use any of the above options, paying particular attention to places where the liquid from the thawed products could flow. Treat all gum and crevices, then rinse with clean water and wipe the chamber dry. And only after that the question about the smell will be removed.

The camera needs to be defrosted.

How to remove the smell from the fridge natural and industrial odor absorbers

You can make an odor absorber for the refrigerator with your own hands from improvised means.

Activated carbon

Crush a few tablets, pour in small containers and place on shelves.

Rice and Vinegar

Pour some raw rice on a saucer and pour vinegar to cover the cereal. Place the container on any shelf.

Any baking powder

To fix the problem, simply open the bag and put it inside the camera.

Spices with a strong aroma, for example, turmeric, citrus peel, ground coffee

Pour any spice into the container and place it inside the refrigerator. It is important to remember that flavors can be transferred to other foods.

Lemon in combination with soda or coal

Peel half a lemon from the pulp, pour soda or crushed coal into it, then put it on any shelf of the chamber for 1 week.

In addition to natural products, you can use odor absorbers from the trading network:

  • helium - in their composition, except for lemon, contains algae extract;
  • silica gel - there is enough packaging for cleaning the chamber during the year;
  • electrical ionizer - its advantage in additional antibacterial effects on microorganisms;
  • activated carbon cleaners effectively fight with ethylene, which is isolated during storage of vegetables and fruits;
  • crystal mineral salts - except smells, they absorb excess moisture.
Fragrant spices can be left in the chamber for a while.

Cleaning frequency and odor prevention

In order to never have the unpleasant problem of the smell in the refrigerator, you must first properly and promptly take care of it. In addition, simple guidelines should be followed:

  1. clean up smudges and dirt immediately after they are discovered before they dry;
  2. use containers;
  3. if products are thawed in the chamber, they should be placed in deep containers;
  4. regularly do cleaning equipment.
Only periodic cleaning will keep the camera clean.


Dealing with an unpleasant odor in the refrigerating chamber is quite simple, however, it is much more important not to allow it to appear. To do this, you need to conduct a periodic inventory of food, in addition, food for storage should be placed in closed containers. It is important to regularly clean all surfaces, while not forgetting component parts, sealing rubber and the door.

We hope that in a difficult moment the advice from our review will be useful to you. Share your secrets with us in the comments to eliminate the smell in the fridge, our editorial staff will be happy to take note of them. In the video, the hostess will share with us the secrets of what is recommended to wash the refrigerator so that there is no smell.

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