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10 tips of recognized experts in order and cleanliness, thanks to which we now know exactly what a comfortable home is.


Scientific studies show that the mess in the house prevents us from focusing: the brain is harder to process information, our attention is dissipated, we become less efficient and more often experience stress.

We want your every day to be productive and bring joy, so we collected valuable tips that will help to achieve order not only in the house, but also in the head.

We are sure that it is for everyone to maintain order, it is only important to want it and know a few secrets. Our article will help you with this.

Tips of Maria Kondo, a housekeeping specialist

Do not fill boxes more than 90%

Storage spaces scored to capacity are black holes. We forget about the things hidden in the recesses of cabinets and chest of drawers, and do not use them for years. Of course, we want to use the space to the maximum, but if we want to achieve order in the house, it is better that everything is in plain sight. To do this, you should limit yourself to one or two rows so that you can look at the contents of each shelf.

Create your place of power

Each family member in the house should have his own place, which will serve as a refuge for him, a place of relaxation, where he can be alone. For this fit a comfortable chair, a table, fenced off by a screen, a rocking chair, a small house for children. We all need to retire from time to time, because it is very important for spiritual comfort. If the space of the apartment is very limited, a small corner will be quite enough.

Tips from Julia Morgenstern, an American time management and planning specialist

Organize space in the house by type of room in kindergarten

Features of the model "Kindergarten" are that:

  • the whole space of the apartment is divided into several zones (zones for sleeping, writing, reading, resting, a dressing area, and others);
  • things are stored only in that part of the room where they are directly used (stationery is in the drawer, cosmetics is in the drawer near the mirror, dishes are in the kitchen);
  • each item has its own place (documents are not just stored in the office, but folded in a separate folder on a specific rack);
  • This way of organizing space allows you to concentrate on a specific lesson: the room itself seems to suggest what to do, being in a certain area of ​​it. In addition, the presence of each item of its place makes it possible to significantly speed up and simplify both cleaning and work.

Try to finish a certain stage of the work during the sound of one song or album. For example, try to clean up the bookshelves in the five minutes that a song lasts. Or put the house in order while playing one disc.

It is important not to get upset and in any case not to quit, if you could not finish on time. Just finish the rest of the next song or disc. Believe me when your time is limited, you act faster, besides music will add energy to you.

Tips Andrew Mellen, a professional organizer

Observe the rule of the organization triangle.

Andrew Mellen believes that the ideal order is based on three principles: "everything has its place", "similar to the like" and "one thing bought - one removed." This is a universal tool. It is applicable to any room.

  • "Everything has its place." The founder of the method believes that every thing should have its own "home". For example, there is no such storage space as the upper right drawer of the dresser in the bedroom. There is only one correct place for each object in the house, suitable and not loaded with other things.
  • "Similar to similar." Keep hats with hats, and pans with pans. If there are not too many of the same type of things, and there is little space, categories can be enlarged, for example, to combine knitted items or socks with stockings, or summer clothes made of cotton.
  • "One thing bought - one removed." If you have a new thing in your house, the other must leave it. This is the easiest way to keep things balanced.

Optimize cabinet space

Before you arrange general cleaning in the closet, take a picture of its contents. Consider the pictures carefully: whether there are enough shelves, how stable they are, whether the cabinet space is rationally divided into compartments, whether additional storage systems, shelves, baskets, hooks are needed, whether there is room for shoes. Perhaps things have huddled due to lack of space, or is there too much air between them?

If necessary, make the necessary measurements, reschedule the cabinet. Now on sale there are many convenient accessories for the competent organization of space. If necessary, replace the cabinet with a more comfortable one.

The better you plan the space before cleaning, the less time, effort or money you will spend later, correcting errors. After all, there is no point in cleaning, if, having returned the things to the place, you realize that it is not convenient to keep them there.

Tips from Donna Smallin Cooper, a professional organizer and cleaning expert

Clean up the documents

Digitize all documents and receipts. This not only can help you out in an unexpected situation, but also Great save space and time to search and clean.

This principle can also be used to store children's drawings and crafts. Pre-photograph the craft, and then together with the scanned images, save it on a special medium and computer disk. This is a valuable memory that can easily be turned into a wonderful gift, for example, at the age of majority of your child.

Reserve time for important events.

Schedule, use the calendar and reserve time for important events, tasks. After all, as a rule, all that we have not planned, we risk never doing so. It is not necessary to paint your day every minute, but this method will help a lot if you want to find time for regular activities, such as sports, learning a foreign language, and self-care.

Council of Matt Paxton, specialist in extreme dehumidification and cleaning of the most neglected premises

Sort during cleaning

Before you start cleaning, get three boxes. In one you will add things worth getting rid of. In the other - items in good condition, but superfluous in your house: their you can sell or donate. In the third - things worth leaving and put it in its place.

It is important to timely send items to their destination, otherwise you risk to buy a couple of boxes in the house as "permanent residents".

Advice from Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves, professional organizers

Understand the main cause of your disorder

The confusion in your house does not arise by chance, there is always a reason or several reasons that lead to this, for example:

  • You are too busy and you simply do not have time to organize the order properly.
  • You are too worried about something, your thoughts are completely absorbed by some kind of problem that takes your time, attention and energy.
  • You have too many extra things. One problem begets another:
    if you are too busy, you probably do not have a well thought-out system for storing things that you buy, and this often leads to an excess of them.

    In this case, it is worthwhile to understand the cause of the home disorder and begin to solve it. The most important thing is to remember that it is better to take small but regular steps than try to embrace the immense.

What is the place in the order of your priorities? How do you manage to maintain order at home and do you manage?

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