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12 tips to help you stylishly and correctly arrange a small bathroom


The bathroom is small and in modern apartments are not uncommon.

And yet, even a small bathroom can be made a truly stylish and functional room.

In this review, the advice of professional designers who will be useful to absolutely everyone.

We look.

1. Moving away from the classic tile

The room is fully tiled - the last century.

Tile is the most practical solution for a bathroom. However, do not forget that there are other equally attractive materials. In no case do not use tiles of the same color to finish the room from floor to ceiling. This will create a feeling of confined space, which is already present in the bathroom, where there are no windows and doors. The best solution for a small bathroom would be a combination of bright or bright ceramic tiles with high-quality paint. Tiles can be used to finish the bottom of the bathroom or to decorate one or two walls that are most exposed to moisture.

2. Custom solutions

The original placement of furniture and plumbing.

Bathrooms in standard Russian apartments are often not very large. However, this is not a reason to design your bathroom according to a pattern. Do not seek to place all the plumbing in a row or along each of the walls. Although the area of ​​bathrooms is modest, but the plumbing market does not stand still. Take a closer look at non-standard models of sinks, toilets and showers. Perhaps a corner toilet or a false sink is exactly what you need. In addition, scrupulous searches are likely to be crowned with success and you will find not only what will be the highlight of the space, but also help save space.

3. Compact shelves

Compact and original shelves.

When planning repairs, remember to take care of storage systems. The presence of built-in cabinets and niches is not a whim and luxury, but a question of further convenience. If large-scale repair is not included in your plans, buy a few narrow compact shelves. For these purposes, perfect shelves for spices. Hang them on the wall by the mirror and use them to store cosmetics and personal care products.

4. Accent Center

The central point of the bathroom.

Even if your bathroom is very modest, you should not turn it into a boring faceless space. Even in a small bathroom, if desired, you can find a place for beautiful plumbing. If you are aiming to buy a bath, let it be a hit of your bathroom. This zone can be decorated with unusual decor or hang a high-quality spectacular curtain.

5. Magnetic board

Magnetic board for cosmetics.

Even a small bathroom can be comfortable, cozy and functional. However, for this you need to be smart and not standard thinking. It is worth noting that it will be possible to do this even without large capital investments. For example, pick up the original storage system. The magnetic board will become very stylish and practical acquisition. Decorate it with your own hands, frame it and use for storing cosmetics.

6. Dark tones

Dark shades in a small bathroom.

Dark tones are completely unsuitable for a small bathroom. Therefore, if you want to create a stylish and attractive space, avoid black, brown, gray and other dark shades. Otherwise, the room will appear even darker. In such a room you will always feel tired, and in the morning you will not be able to wake up. But the bright shades on the contrary will reflect the light, increasing the space.

7. Large mirror

Large mirror, as the main emphasis.

If we are talking about a small space, then we cannot do without a mirror. In a small bathroom, it can be the main highlight of the space. If you decide, do not be shy, choose a bigger mirror. Take a closer look at the models in stylish laconic frames. Another advantage will be the presence of the backlight. An additional source of light will be another plus that will create the illusion of space.

8. Ergonomic solutions

Ergonomic plumbing.

If you can’t put everything you have in mind in your bathroom, save space by using ergonomic plumbing. For example, you can purchase a corner sink and place it above the bath. You can also pay attention to the overhead model, which is easily installed on a washing machine or even a toilet.

9. The door

Square door.

If we are talking about a small bath, try to use all possible space. For example, towel hangers can be attached to the door. This, of course, will not solve the issue with the lack of space, but will free up some space for more important things.

10. Lighting

Take care of the lighting.

Lighting plays an important role in the interior of a small windowless space. The lack of light in a small bathroom will make it not only smaller, but also darker. In addition, in dim light, you can hardly make normal makeup as the skin tone does not correspond to reality.

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11. Minimalism

Minimalistic interior.

Bidets and bulky pedestals are not very suitable for arranging a small bathroom. Choose only what you need. The minimalism style is an excellent solution for such a bathroom, because the main rule of such a room is the maximum of free space.

12. Security

Safety in the bathroom.

Thinking about beauty, do not forget about safety. The tile in the bath is certainly very comfortable and beautiful, but the slightest drop of water can lead to a fall. Therefore, if you choose a tile, buy a couple of rugs or use special rubber mats.

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