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20 culinary tips, without which not a single hostess


It makes no difference whether you are a beginning cook or an experienced hostess, you still cannot keep all the recipes in your head. Moreover, having found a suitable recipe for a dish, it is not always clear in what sequence to put the necessary ingredients, how to cut them correctly and in what form is best served.

Also, hardly anyone will refuse a portion of useful culinary tips that open their eyes to many things.


To meat was not tough

If you want juicy meat for lunch or dinner, you can not pickle it before the end of cooking, especially if it is dense pieces. If you add salt to raw meat before it is cooked, its surface will be dehydrated and become tough.

Cooking meat without splashing fat

When cooking meat in a frying pan, we often encounter the fact that splashes scatter throughout the kitchen and sometimes they burn hands unpleasantly. If you do not have a special netting device, just before you put the meat in the pan, dab it well with a paper napkin. Thus, you will get rid of excess moisture and fat, which shoot at hot temperatures.

How to make a juicy steak

A product that you can definitely find in a typical bachelor’s kitchen is a dark beer. It is great for marinating steaks and everything stubborn and tough. After all, what could be more delicious than juicy, soft meat.

Cook the perfect burgers

A couple of hours before frying, spread the chops and schnitzels with a mixture of bite and vegetable oil and they will get even tastier and juicier.

Cook meat with a crust

Use the advice of experienced chefs: before you put the dish in the oven, brush it on top with a delicious and, most importantly, successful marinade. It can be pomegranate juice and honey, diluted dry wine, brandy or water.

Do not digest meat

And what if you digest it all the same? No, do not suppress gritting his teeth. Chefs know how to reanimate a good piece of meat and return him juiciness. It should be cut into thin slices and put on a plate. Then sprinkle with onions and tomatoes and add a little vegetable oil, lemon juice and vinegar. Wait a little and the meat will soon become juicy again.

Salt the liver in the final

Liver should definitely be included in the diet. This dish will help strengthen the immune system and provide the body with the amount of iron that is necessary for its normal functioning. To make the liver soft, salt it at the end.

A fish

Check the fish for freshness

Before you cook a piece of appetizing-looking fish, check it for freshness. To do this, lower the carcass into a deep bowl of water. If the fish sink, it is fresh, and if not, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​cooking it for dinner.

Enhance the taste of fish dishes

Try frying fish in a lightly salted mixture of vegetable and butter and the usual taste of the dish will sparkle with new colors.

To eliminate the smell of fish when frying

Do you like fried fish, but rarely cook because of an unpleasant smell that spreads quickly throughout the apartment? This can be avoided. To eliminate the smell, in the vegetable oil you need to put the brushed and sliced ​​potato.

In order not to boil the fish

To prevent the fish from falling apart, add some lemon juice to the water. At the same time during cooking it is not necessary to cover the pan with a lid.


Diversify vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is a very healthy and tasty salad. This is a great option for a light lunch or a hearty snack. Try to move away from the usual classic recipe for vinaigrette and slightly diversify it. It is very easy to make: add a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of sugar and mix thoroughly.

Low-fat cheese is healthy and tasty.

You do not know how to make vegetable salad even more nutritious? Add low-fat feta or cheese to the list of ingredients. Salad will transform and become even tastier and healthier.

Love nuts

You can safely add ground nuts to vegetable salads. They are perfectly combined with food of this kind. In addition, nuts are rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are just "healthy fats."


Save the salted soup

Oversold the soup? Do not rush to throw away the dish. You can try to save him. There are several effective ways that will help remove excess salt. However, the most effective - dip gauze with cereal in it and boil it. Porridge will help eliminate salty taste.

Add fresh vegetable juice to the soup

Do not rush to remove the soup from the fire. In the final stages of cooking, add fresh vegetable juice to the first course. This will help enhance the flavor and enrich your dish with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. For this purpose, perfect cabbage, carrot or tomato juice.

If the broth foam falls to the bottom

If you miss the moment and the foam has dropped to the bottom, and the broth has dimmed, pour some cold water into the pan. The foam will rise to the surface and it will be very easy to remove.

How to give the soup a golden color

The golden color of the broth makes the soup even more appetizing. How to achieve this effect? It is necessary to boil the unpeeled onion in water with meat. It should be pre-washed very well and thoroughly. After 30-40 minutes, the onion can be removed and discarded.