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How to squeeze the maximum benefit by combining the window sill with the tabletop


How to squeeze the maximum benefit by combining the window sill with the tabletop

Very often, calculating the useful area of ​​the room, we absolutely do not take into account the window sills.

And in vain. If you creatively approach the alteration of a window seat, you’ll get the same missing space that can be made a continuation of the dining table, kitchen sink, and even a dressing table.

Instead of a window sill, you can organize a very practical and bright working area.

As you know, the work area should be well lit, and if it is daylight, the convenience is guaranteed. Therefore, very often designers advise to organize such working corners in their apartment just by the window, using the window sill. It does not matter whether it is a kitchen surface or a desk for you or for a child, or maybe an original bar counter or an elegant dressing table, the main thing is that this solution will save space and save more free space in the house, and also become the highlight of your interior.

1. Sill-countertop in the kitchen

Such a tabletop instead of a windowsill is the dream of every hostess.

You can replace the window sill with a kitchen countertop, such a rational solution will provide the working surface with sunlight, which will have a beneficial effect not only on your health, but also on your wallet. The following examples of the organization of the cutting surface instead of a window sill will help you see for yourself that this is not only practical, but also original.

An example of the rational use of the area of ​​a small kitchen.

The option of replacing the window sill on the countertop work surface.

This transformation of the windowsill to the sink is always a winning option.

The window sill in the kitchen can also do a good service as a place under the sink. After all, how nice it will be to wash the dishes, contemplating the view from the window. The main thing is to install it so that the spray of water does not reach the glass and the slopes of the window. Looking at the following photos, it will be easier to decide on such an expedient step.

Original replacement of a window sill for a working kitchen area with a sink.

An interesting way to install a sink instead of a windowsill.

The depth of the sink should be sufficient so that water does not fall on the window.

3. Sill-bar counter

The window sill in the kitchen can be turned into a bar counter.

Instead of a window sill in the kitchen, living room or even on the balcony you can install a bar counter. This will help you organize a cozy place for pleasant gatherings with friends or family members. Of course, if you want to increase the surface area of ​​the table, you can make the original continuation of the rack in various configurations. Install a couple of high stools, and a relaxed atmosphere will be provided. These photos will help you make sure that such a transformation will look stylish and beautiful.

Stylish transformation of the kitchen window sill in the bar.

Such a bar counter will look very impressive on the balcony.

Bar counter installed instead of the windowsill with the original continuation.

4. Sill-dining table

Perfectly decorated dining area.

The sill can easily be turned into a dining table. There are many designs for different tastes and spatial possibilities. For the smallest rooms, it is advisable to install a folding, retractable or folding table, and for full-sized rooms you can allow stationary solid tables. Here are some interesting examples of placing a dinner table instead of a window sill.

You can organize a small dining table instead of a windowsill.

Folding table in a small kitchen.

Retractable dining table in place of the window sill.

5. Sill-writing desk

The desktop is a rational alternative to the windowsill.

Naturally, everyone needs a desktop. And your main task is to place the table so that as much as possible light falls on its surface. Therefore, the most ideal place for its location - near the window.

An ideal place to create a children's desk.

And in order not to occupy the precious useful area, the table can be set instead of a window sill or in continuation of it. As a rule, it is located in the bedroom, nursery or living room, and the entire useful area under and above it can be used by placing the necessary cabinets and shelves for storing books, stationery and other necessary supplies. The following examples will help you organize your workplace.

So you can organize a workplace, removing the window sill.

Even if there is very little space, the table will still fit organically into the interior.

6. Sill-dressing table

An ideal beauty zone instead of a windowsill.

If every time you leave home, you worry about whether the applied makeup will look so perfect in daylight, or every morning you rush around the apartment in search of your cosmetics, because you do not have a definite place for such an important process. Then try turning one of the window sills into a dressing table. And you will understand how practical it is to have your own zone of beauty, and with natural light.

Such a table-dresser, replacing the window sill, will hide all cosmetics.

The graceful dressing table will perfectly replace a window sill and will become the main decoration of an interior.