Useful ideas

Ideas decor, which is the power to make any woman over the weekend


Women, as is known, natures are changeable, spontaneous.

Today I like the interior of the room, but tomorrow I want to change something. Sometimes, to transform the room, just enough a few strokes.

In this material, we have collected 15 wonderful ideas of decor that women can do themselves on the weekends.

1. Elegant detail

Hangers decorated with brackets.

To change the usual hanger in the hallway or to decorate an open wardrobe in the bedroom, will help a couple of decorative brackets. Just paint them with any spray paint and screw them on both sides of the hanger.

2. Columns

Console table with columns.

Regular shelf can look stylish and original, thanks to the three figured legs of wood. Simply paint all the pieces in the desired shade, connect them together and screw them to the wall in the hallway or living room.

3. Composition of balls

A stylish composition of bowling balls.

Bowling balls and balls can be used to create a unique composition that will become a real highlight of the garden. All that is required for the implementation of such an undertaking is a can of special paint with a metallic effect.

4. Console table

Console table with painted legs.

With the help of a stencil and white paint, you can turn a regular shelf into an elegant console table, which will undoubtedly decorate the interior of any room.

5. Spila

The decor of the walls and floor with wooden sawing.

Small wooden cuts are an excellent and quite budgetary material for wall and floor decoration. Of course, the implementation of such an idea will take time and some additional materials, but the end result is worth it.

6. Fine patterns

Chandelier decor.

You can transform the look of a dull monochromatic ceiling or focus on a beautiful chandelier with the help of exquisite painting. Moreover, for the realization of such an idea no artistic skills will be required, only two semicircular stencils, a jar of paint and some free time.

7. Renovation of the walls

Original patterns using a stencil.

Refresh the look of bored walls will help the original painting. To do this, you will have to purchase or make a special stencil and a special paint of a contrasting shade.

8. Composition of cardboard

Composition of cardboard boxes.

Use the covers of shoe boxes to create a wonderful and original composition that is perfect for decorating the walls in the nursery.

9. Photo frames

Original photo frames.

Incredibly, creative and very beautiful photo frames can be made of wooden ice cream sticks.

10. Bedside table

Bedside table do it yourself.

Do not rush to throw away the old dining table. Instead, cut it in half, paint it in a bright new color and attach it to the wall by the bed. The resulting console table fits perfectly into the interior of the bedroom and helps to place all the necessary things.

11. Fluffy chandelier

Chandelier decor feathers.

Decorative feathers will help to transform the look of a simple chandelier. Just glue them around the ceiling with hot glue and enjoy the new design of the ceiling light.

12. Records

Decor of vinyl records.

Unnecessary vinyl records can be turned into original paintings. To do this, the plates need to be covered with a thin layer of paint, and then, using any sharp tool, to scratch the drawings.

13. Mirror frame

Flower frame for the mirror.

The stunning floral frame, which you can make yourself from cardboard or plastic egg containers, will become the original mirror frame.

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14. Carpet

Round towel mat.

Shabby bath towels are a great material for creating a soft and bright rug. The finished product can be laid in the hallway, in the bathroom or in the bedroom by the bed.

15. A bouquet of flowers

A bunch of plastic spoons.

A charming bouquet of unfading flowers made from plastic spoons painted in bright colors will be one of the components of home comfort.

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