Useful ideas

Useful ideas that will facilitate life and help solve simple household problems.

Useful ideas that will facilitate life and help solve simple household problems.

Our everyday life is full of small problems and concerns.

And sometimes their decision takes a lot of time, and the mood spoils.

Today we have collected some useful tips that will also allow the smartphone screen to be wiped dry to protect the glue in an emergency.

1. Hot glue

Dry glue.

Today, hot melt glue is one of the most popular materials for bonding parts. However, those who often use hot glue know firsthand how difficult it is to clean it from surfaces. Often this procedure ends with pieces of coating, torn off along with hardened glue. However, there is a way to prevent destruction. To do this, you need alcohol, which must be applied to the problem area. After a few minutes the glue will easily move away from the surface.

2. Sole Upgrade

Non-slip shoes.

To solve the problem with a slippery sole will help conventional stapler and staples. Throw a couple of dozen staples in the protector of shoes and you can safely walk on the icy sidewalk and autumn puddles.

3. Cache

Cache for stash.

Do not know where to hide money at home? Fold the bills in the individual packaging of one of the sanitary pads and place it at the end of the packaging. Such a trick will protect your money from the encroachments of thieves and curious households.

4. Dried pizza

Reanimate the dried pizza.

Even the most delicious pizza after the night on the table will look sad, and its taste will hardly be able to please. However, it is not difficult to reanimate it. Simply heat it in the microwave with a glass of water.

5. Hand protection

Hand protection from paint.

When working with aerosol paints, be prepared for the fact that your hands will be hopelessly stained with paint, which you will not be able to scrub soon. Rubber gloves can help to avoid this, or if they are not, any greasy cream. Liberally lubricate their hands and proceed to painting. After the procedure, wash off the cream with paint.

6. Laptop keys

Disassemble the laptop keyboard.

If you have never disassembled your laptop, then you cannot even imagine how much debris is hidden under its keys. Regular cleaning of the device is a guarantee of its correct operation and your health. Before proceeding to the analysis of the keyboard, take a picture of it. Photo layout is useful to you at the stage of its assembly. Then, armed with a manicure spatula, a paper clip or a plastic card, carefully pick up the keys one by one. Next, using a dry brush or a toothbrush, brush off the dust and walk through hard-to-reach places with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol.

7. Smartphone screen

Protect your phone screen.

To prevent scratches on the screen of your smartphone, remove the cover from the back cover and put it on the display. Of course, doing such a trick every time you need to put the phone in your handbag is not very convenient, but as an emergency measure, it will completely come off.

8. Sealed package

Solder the edges of the package.

In order to solder the package, you do not need special equipment, it will be enough just a regular knife and a ring. Just pack the necessary thing into the bag, heat the knife well and slowly slide it over the bottom of the package.

9. Hot water bottle

Warmer from scrap materials.

Heat grains of rice or any other cereal in a griddle and put it in a wool or terry sock. It will result in a kind of small heating pad that can be put in a bed for a child, in a cat bed or a thermophilic puppy.

10. Long shoelaces

Too long shoelaces.

Solving the problem with long laces is not at all difficult. It is enough just to thread through all the holes in the sneakers. We are talking about the side holes and eyelet on the tongue.

11. Phone stand

Self-made stand for the smartphone.

A practical stand for a smartphone, which can be made from two binders of the same size, attached on the sides of an unnecessary plastic card.

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