Useful ideas

Simple household cleaning products that everyone can find in the kitchen cupboard


Cleaning the house is boring and time consuming. And she often pulls out a decent amount from the family budget for all sorts of disinfectants, cleaning and refreshing products, which in the end do not help very well or make you tinker.

For those who want to save time and money, there are several proven methods - they will help to solve any cleaning tasks without much effort, and most importantly effectively. Many will be surprised, but most of the funds are already in your home.

1. Elegant carpet cleaner

It is very simple to return a beautiful look to a carpet.

What could be better than a universal remedy that cleans and kills odors? While worth a penny? To create a cleaner in a blender, you need to mix half a cup of baking soda, the same amount of cornstarch, a few dried clove buds, 3-4 dry bay leaves and a teaspoon of borax, which you can buy at any pharmacy. Self-made tool will help eliminate any contamination, including dust and animal hair, as well as disinfect. To do this, it should be evenly scattered on the carpet, let it lie for 2 hours, and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Soda capsules for toilet

For perfect freshness, you do not need to buy anything extra, everything can be found at home.

When refreshing toilet pills run out, and I want to quickly restore order - there is an excellent solution from improvised means. If you mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of citric acid and another spoon of dishwashing detergent, you can get the perfect blend for quick toilet cleaning.

All components are thoroughly mixed to form a thick pasty mass. Then they are divided into small portions, which are conveniently put in a mold for ice. There they must be left to dry for 2 hours. The resulting capsules perfectly eliminate all unpleasant odors and germs, so that the toilet just shines with whiteness and purity.

Universal remedy for eliminating scratches and scuffs.

Quite simple means will help to make white stains, scuffs and minor scratches on any furniture imperceptible. To create it at home, you need to mix a third of a glass of table vinegar, lemon juice and a quarter a glass of olive oil. All components must be carefully stirred, and then poured into a convenient bottle, preferably with a dispenser. An empty bottle of tonic or micellar water for the face will do. Before use, the anti-crack agent must be shaken. To heal wooden surfaces, pour some liquid onto a cotton pad and simply wipe it off - no trace will be left of the flaws.

4. How to quickly remove plaque from water?

All you need is vinegar and a rag.

It would seem that the water should help in cleaning. But its modern quality leaves much to be desired. If the water dries out on the sink, in the drainage area or around the washbasin, then an ugly yellow patina remains after it. And not all detergents can handle it. In order not to guess which one is best suited, it is better to use a proven method. Put a rag in place with bloom and pour vinegar over it. After it has lain for an hour, rinse with water. Gloss and cleanliness will be returned guaranteed.

5. Universal wipes for a clean home.

The perfect solution to quickly and effortlessly maintain order in any room.

Disinfecting wipes for the home can be made independently. To do this, you will need cleaning paper in a roll, which is inexpensive and remains on the farm for a long time. For ease of use it is better to cut it in two. After that, you need to prepare a homemade impregnation. We mix in equal proportions: lemon juice, water, edible vinegar, a teaspoon of alcohol and soda, a little concentrated detergent and mix.

In the resulting solution, soak a roll of wiping paper so that everything is absorbed. We ship it to any suitable plastic container so that the product does not evaporate. We make a small hole in which we put out the edge of freshly made napkins. Now you just need to pull and tear. Rubbing with such wipes the sink in the bathroom and in the kitchen, tile and countertop, it is easy to get rid of unpleasant odors, germs, plaque and ugly stains.

6. Natural toilet freshener

Creative use of vodka without harm to health.

Drinking alcohol is harmful, but using it to clean the house is quite useful. From unnecessary vodka, you can create your own toilet freshener, which will cope with unpleasant odors twice as good shop means. In a bottle full by two-thirds, you need to add a little water, an essential oil with a pleasant aroma, fresh mint or melissa, shake and let it brew. Oil and herbs can be replaced with citrus juice or their crushed peel. The resulting liquid must be poured into a spray bottle. A couple of "pshikov" will be enough to make the toilet fragrant.

7. Clean iron

Quick and easy.

The wrong choice of the mode when ironing often leaves an unpleasant carbon on the iron. He not only looks ugly, but can ruin other clothes, leaving brown marks or burnt. Quickly clean the coating of the iron will help ordinary salt. It is necessary to “iron” it with maximally heated iron without steam, and then remove the residue of soot with a clean cloth.

8. Life hacking for men

Clean up the garage.

Tools also require cleaning. Keys and a hammer can be easily put in order with vinegar. It copes with simple pollution, and also removes oil, plaque and rust. Soak tools in vinegar for a day, and then just wipe.

9. Elementary disinfection

Simply spray and wipe clean.

Quickly wipe and disinfect the rim of the toilet bowl will help uncomplicated mixture. We take two parts of water and one part of vinegar, add 2-3 sprigs of dried thyme. We send all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Now, an effective tool will always be at hand.