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The possibilities of smart furniture and its ability to create comfort and expand space


Popular and fashionable phrase smart technology actively implemented in the life of modern man. This applies even to such a very inanimate object, like furniture.

Special designs transform a familiar table, wardrobe, sofa or bed into the most pragmatic, performing several useful functions, without which it is impossible to create a comfortable life.

Smart interior in a small apartment.

Everything ingenious is simple, this truth is 100% applicable to new technologies in the field of interior design. In this direction, smart (intelligent, reasonable) acquires the meaning of something compact, convenient, not burdensome, and at the same time saving life space as much as possible.

The original smart system will help organize the dining area.

The new generation of systems and structures, which has been called smart-furniture, has been created on the natural principle of any need - nothing superfluous. This is especially true for most of our small apartments, because everyone dreams to have more storage space, but with minimal use of free space.

Fantastic possibilities of smart furniture.

What is not a dream: pulled the rope - and your double bed magically turns into a luxurious living room, or opened the door of an ordinary wardrobe - and the office is ready to accept you ...

Smart furniture in a modern interior.

Considering that for a completely comfortable life of a modern person, there will be enough a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a kitchen table, a few chairs or armchairs and bedside tables. New development helps all this wisely used without compromising their comfort. After all, if the necessary items (or even the most dimensional ones) are replaced with “smart” furniture, then free space will immediately appear, because it has a very rational property - not to consume, but to free up the usable area.

A table-bed in the room of a teenager will help to organize additional space.

In this review, we have selected the most interesting examples that will help ensure that modern smart interiors can not only ensure a comfortable life, but also rationally fill the allotted area to almost a millimeter.

1. Cabinet smart furniture

The bed can be hidden in the closet using a smart system.

Comfortable smart furniture for the children's room.

Smart wardrobe can hide even a dining table.

The creation of transforming cabinet furniture has become a real revolution in the manufacturing industry of the most ordinary-looking wardrobes, performing several useful and diverse functions at the same time. It is “smart” suspension systems and designs that allow you to modify the purpose of the furniture with just a simple movement of the hand.

Transforming bed with a desktop.

TV can be hidden behind the facade of the smart wall.

Smart furniture for living room or bedroom.

Developed a lot of interesting options "stuffing", located behind the door of the closet-compartment, starting with the simplest shelves and drawers for storage, TV, wall bars and ending with a desk or bunk bed.

2. Smart table

The original table-transformer.

An interesting model of a dining smart table.

Office transforming table.

Perhaps this is the very first piece of furniture that they tried to transform using elementary fixtures. After all, the table is indisputably used every day. At the same time, it will not be a matter of one table, because it is desirable to have a dinner, but it is difficult to refuse a coffee table, and without a written one - nowhere at all. And the apartment footage can not always allow such excesses, so it will be difficult to do without a smart table.

In this model, the smart table can transform all the elements.

Coffee smart table fits very well into the modern interior.

Smart tables can be of different configurations.

Thanks to the "smart" mechanisms that allow you to perform almost fantastic transformations, it became possible to have one table with multifunctional capabilities.

3. Smart chairs

The most simple transforming chairs for a picnic.

Dining set of smart furniture for a very small kitchen.

Dining table with folding smart chairs.

As it is impossible to do without a table, so the chairs are an integral part of the comfortable life of any of us. Though they take up little space, they tend to constantly interfere with everything. Smart technologies were introduced in the development of original chairs, ranging from sets of folding furniture for a picnic and ordinary kitchen stools to orthopedic office chairs.

Smart chairs for work and study.

The special design of the chair can reduce the load on the spine.

To work at the computer, special chairs were created to reduce the load on the spine, thanks to a unique ergonomic design.