Useful ideas

Lighting that can drastically change the space with one click of the switch


Since most of our life we ​​exist under artificial light, the right choice of lighting fixtures is very important.

And we are talking not only about functionality, but also about beauty.

We suggest you to get acquainted with modern trends in lighting the premises and choose what you like.

1. Pumpkin as a lamp shade

The master from Poland creates unusual lamps made of dried pumpkin, changing the room as if by magic. They look like real art objects in daylight, but only after sunset does their real life begin.

2. A thin glowing line

The invention of LEDs has enabled modern designers to create truly unique lighting scenarios, without using their usual lamps. For example, the corridor of the Greek office of a large international company, thanks to LED lighting, most of all resembles a spacecraft.

3. The play of light and shadow

Fiberglass is another modern material, which is a glass thread that does not break and does not break, but takes any form as desired by the master. An Italian designer creates lamps made of fiberglass, creating a play of light and shade that looks like nothing.

4. Home Moon

The lamp in the form of the moon was invented by designers from Taiwan in 2015, and the money for its production was collected at one of the crowdfunding sites. Instead of the desired $ 40,000, designers received more than $ 730,000, and today everyone can buy their own handmade Moon.

Another possibility that designers have come up with with the invention of LEDs is to create things that carry not only functional, but also decorative load. For example, black metal frames with LED lighting built into them perform the role of both original decoration and a bright lamp.

6. Dissolving in space

In this project of the Lithuanian designer, another possibility of “hidden” lighting is used - the LED strip embedded in the wooden headboard of the bed, which passes to the ceiling, eliminates the need to use any other top lighting in the bedroom.

7. Nano-sheets

Another amazing example of the combination of good and beauty is the lamps, called “nano sheets” by their creators. Separate luminous elements in the form of triangles can optionally be folded into various designs by the designer. By the way, the backlight color can also be any.

8. Wooden mountains

A little imagination, old boards and all the same LEDs - everything you need to create a unique night lamp in the form of mountains.

9. Alien Landscapes

The designer from the Netherlands has created a series of lamps "Voie", using in her work the neon lamps and polyester resin unfairly forgotten today, are being used unfairly. These lamps look like cosmic landscapes and adorn houses and art galleries around the world.

10. Waste-free production

Corner lamp "Ånyå" designer created in collaboration with one of the brands that produce floor coverings. In her work, she used the trimming, which remained in the production of parquet, hiding under them all the same LED backlight.

11. Eclipse

Slovak designer created perhaps the most unusual lamp. The wooden circle made of beech, due to the diffuse reflection of light, creates an effect similar to a real solar eclipse.

12. Heaven comes to home

The same designer came up with the idea of ​​using one more “heavenly body” as a lamp - a cloud, which can also be done at home. The author of the "air body" himself captured the whole process of its creation and kindly shared it with everyone.

13. Refraction

Despite the fact that the table itself is not a lamp, it paints the entire surrounding space with geometric patterns of various shapes and colors. The "iced" sandwiched between glass panes of different sizes, which diffuse artificial or natural light, are made of glossy polished acrylic plates.

14. Spirit of the forest

For those who love natural elements in the interior of a city or country house, the designer creates lamps from ordinary stumps. This is a great example of eco-friendly design that allows you to give seemingly unnecessary things a second life.

15. Dancing light

Deliberately uneven surface of a glass ball made by glassblowing craftsmen and the rotating base of this designer lamp can turn any room into a real box with fairy tales not only for children, but also for adults.