Useful ideas

Real tips on how to make a quality repair in a quick way.


They say that repair is an infinite business. Once you start, and then you do all your life: you first need to glue the wallpaper, then fasten a shelf, buy a new wardrobe or a picture, drive a nail or make insulation.

That time is not enough, then financial means, but I want everything to be stylish, beautiful and practical. Simple and inexpensive tips to repair from this selection will help to cope with all things much faster.

1. Dents on furniture

A minimum of effort, but a striking effect.

Ugly dents on a flat surface of a table or other wooden furniture are very easy to remove. For this you need a towel and iron. Towel should be pre-wetted and laid out on the site requiring repair. Now we iron it to complete drying with an iron on an intensive mode of operation. After the towel is removed, you can enjoy the perfect surface without any dents or scratches.

2. Resuscitate an old paint brush

Proven brush rescue before work.

Bring in a workable form a dried brush or roller with paint can be a simple recipe. We fill a capacious container with warm water, put a drying sheet there, and a brush on top. We let lie until paint is absorbed by paper and water. It will take a few hours.

3. Creative repair at minimum cost

Loft style can be realized with ordinary plaster and roller.

Instead of the usual wallpaper, you can choose textured plaster as an original alternative for wall decor. For a beautiful coating, it is not necessary to bother strongly with the choice of a pattern that you need to do for a long time and very carefully with a spatula or a special roller. Craftsmen came up with a simpler way. First you need to buy a small piece of insulation for pipes with a diameter that corresponds to the size of the roller. After that, you need to cut off from him four rather narrow ringlets. They are equally spaced on the roller. Between them in a staggered manner jumpers are fixed. Now, following the freshly applied plaster, you will get a brick pattern in a modern loft style.

4. Original wall painting

Pattern paint on the wall with an old t-shirt.

Painted walls - one of the most economical and practical options for the design of any room. But often they refuse it, referring to simplicity and standardization. In order not to spend extra money, but at the same time to provide the house with modern repair, you can use an interesting trick. We first paint the walls in one tone, and then with the help of the same roller and old t-shirt we make a beautiful pattern. We wind old clothes or unwanted fabric on a roller and collect a little so that the folds come out, fasten it on the sides with a clerical band. The pattern on the wall can be obtained using any available tools: sponges of different diameters and shapes, plastic bags, threads on the roller, etc.

5. Perfectly fitted screws

To keep the hat from sticking out, you need to know one little trick.

When repairing it is often necessary to screw in the screws. It is necessary for furniture, individual shelves or door installation. It would seem a simple operation, but not everyone can do it beautifully. If you simply twist the usual way, then the bulging hat will stick out above the surface. And if you first turn the screw head down and scroll with a screwdriver, an ideally smooth recess is formed for its future installation.

6. Accurate measurements

Simple wisdom to create the perfect repair.

In order to draw a perfectly flat circle on the wall, you can use a screwdriver, which almost every housekeeper has. For this you need to take any solid wire. One end of it needs to be bent and inserted into the screwdriver groove, and the other to bend with a ringlet to fix a piece of chalk or a pencil there. Install the screwdriver in the center of the future circle and turn it on. The diameter of the circle can be adjusted several times on your own.

7. Clean work

Reusable clean paint tray.

Working with paint is always fraught with annoying flaws: somewhere there are marks or stains, and all tools are hard to wash. A few simple tips will help to minimize this risk. In order not to have to wash the paint container every time, it will be more practical to cover it with a film or foil, which you can immediately throw away after work. If you need to keep a paint roller or brush for a short time so that they do not dry out, you can wrap them in this film or glove with your hand.

8. Uniform application

All ingenious is simple.

When you need to glue something small, it is difficult to correctly calculate the required amount of glue or liquid nails, and even more evenly distribute them over the surface. The long bolt will help to solve this problem. Glue the solution with a snake applied to the surface of the part, and then we roll a bolt over it, which will do the whole thing alone.

9. Fast grinding

Screwdriver - a real magic wand for repairing your own hands.

If you need to quickly and efficiently process the edges of the furniture, a screwdriver will come to the rescue. On its moving part, using double-sided tape or hot glue, we attach sandpaper. Now we turn on and work: tremendous savings of effort and time.