Useful ideas

Actual ideas of design small-sized, with which space in the apartment is enough for any thing


Many in our country know firsthand how it is to live in a small apartment.

However, everyone wants to create comfort even in a tiny space. Do not fall into despair because of the circumstances.

This material contains 20 current examples of small-size design, in which everything is located rationally and functionally.

1. Nothing more

Living room-bedroom in warm beige tones.

In this cozy living room with warm sand walls there is no clutter of furniture, an abundance of decor and confusion, and all because the furniture is chosen with the mind. A large modern sofa with an added ottoman is unfolded, turning into a sleeping place, a stylish coffee table is easily removed, and the wall with a TV consists of many lockers of different sizes for storing personal belongings.

2. Division into zones

Rules for dividing into zones.

Small size, in which we managed to find a place for the kitchen, dining room, living room and even for a separate bedroom. As a result of redevelopment turned modern space in gray and white. The living room was combined with a kitchen, and the bedroom was equipped on a heated loggia.

3. Two of one

Studio apartment with a partition.

One-room studio apartment with a narrow kitchen, separated from the living room with the help of a plasterboard partition and a bar counter. The living room does not have a lot of furniture. There is only a modern folding sofa with gray upholstery, a TV-zone and a lot of open shelves.

4. Eclectic

Bright bedroom in the style of minimalism.

Wonderful small bedroom with white walls, natural wood floor and minimal set of low furniture. This technique allowed to visually make the room bigger and taller, and the light finish fills the space with light, creating the illusion of freedom.

6. Rainbow design

Bright combination of colors in the kitchen-living room.

Small cheerful studio apartment, divided into zones with the help of color schemes. The tiny kitchen with yellow walls and a U-shaped suite is bordered by a living room area decorated in lilac colors with a striped sofa, a TV-area and a low glass coffee table.

7. Modern

Interior in modern style.

Laconic space in the Art Nouveau style with a dining area, a classic light wood dining table and several designer chairs. The first thing in the living room zone is the wooden slats ceiling, the built-in shelving and many black and white photographs on the walls complement the decor.

8. Rustic chic

Exquisite interior in rustic style.

Magnificent open-plan bright apartment with snow-white trim and lots of contrasting details. The only separate area in this apartment is the bedroom, separated by a wall and a glass partition.

9. Attention to detail

Stylish details in the interior of a tiny studio.

At first glance - nothing remarkable apartment: a small corner kitchen is bordered by the living room. But take a look at the details: a unique bookshelf, stylish ceiling lights, a deer figurine and a wooden floor make this modest home amazing and authentic.

10. Classic interior

Bright studio apartment in a classic style.

Lovers of good old classics will surely like this bright, elegant studio apartment. Snow-white furniture, a two-level ceiling, elegant gray curtains and a large number of lamps made it possible to create an atmosphere of luxury even in a small space.

11. Little secret

Small room with a folding bed.

Modern furniture allows owners of small apartments to get everything they need for a comfortable life. In addition, with the help of transforming furniture, you can easily combine different areas, for example: working and sleeping.

12. Geometric theme

Interior with elements of geometry.

Small studio apartments are not always light colors and maximum fixtures. Playing with geometric prints, a moderate amount of bright details and natural materials will help to create a stylish and fun-free interior.

13. Salad freshness

Cozy apartment with salad couch.

Cozy bright apartment studio, divided into three zones. The narrow kitchen is separated from the living room by a wall of plasterboard, in the living room area there is a cute salad sofa, a fluffy carpet, a round coffee table and a shelving with open shelves, behind which is a small bedroom.

14. Laconic design

Laconic interior in beige and gray tones.

The gray-brown kitchen flows smoothly into a small cozy living room with a gray sofa, curtains and a chair of the same color.

15. Past and Present

The combination of eras in the interior.

A small open-plan apartment in which it was possible to harmoniously synthesize vintage items with modern pieces of furniture. The overall atmosphere is complemented by the unusual painting of the walls with the effect of faded paint.

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