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9 reasons not to throw out the old pillows, but it is better to ask a couple more for the mother-in-law or mother-in-law


Even very careful and attentive housewives will sooner or later fall into disrepair. With prolonged use, even if you often change the pillowcase and periodically wash the pillow itself, they become dirty or lose fluff.

Many immediately throw pillows, believing that they are no good for anything. Surprisingly, they are able to solve a bunch of problems in any home. Using these creative life hacking, you can find new opportunities for applying your old, but still useful pillows.

1. Old pillows go on a trip

You can comfortably sleep on a belt with a regular pillow.

You can turn an obsolete pillow into a comfortable addition to the trip. It has perfect shape and density so that it can be wrapped around seat belts, allowing passengers to sleep comfortably while being safer.

2. Upgrading chairs

Old chairs + old pillow = brand new seats.

Instead of getting rid of the old pillow, you can send it on the last journey with benefit. The inner filling of the pillow is quite suitable for use as a material for updating the soft part of the chairs in your apartment, private house or country house.

3. Part of the pillow goes to the kitchen

Bright tack from improvised means.

Pillow filler can be used to create very useful things. For example, for coasters for hot or pot holders in the kitchen. If the pillow was filled with padding, felt or batting, then these materials are perfect for filling kitchen utensils.

Tacks often require upgrades, but making them yourself is very simple and much cheaper than buying. This exciting activity can be performed even with children. As the main fabric choose any old things. It is desirable that they are natural (flax, cotton or chintz). Thick fabrics last longer, so you can use even trimming of old jeans.

4. Pillow for perfect relaxation

It will be convenient to all.

If you have some old pillows, you can make a unique thing out of them. To do this, either take the filler and fill it with a longer pillowcase, or combine several old pillows together. It will be very convenient to lie with such an embrace on your side. An old pillow can also be used to hold it between or under your feet, and not under your head.

5. Pet Friendly

Your care and attention will be pleasant to your beloved.

You can really use the old pillow to make a comfortable bed for your pet. Just provide her with a new pillow case made from her things, or use a filler to create a full-fledged comfortable bed for your pet.

6. Insulation

Warm, economical and comfortable.

It is quite possible to use old pillows as insulation in everyday or emergency situations. An example of an emergency is the leakage of a hot water tank. Old pillows are also very relevant when you need to insulate pipes in a cold night, the space near your bath or get rid of drafts in the attic. Having crossed them into thin long pads, you can perfectly warm the room by eliminating the gap under the door.

7. Packing and transportation

The pillow is great for packing fragile items.

An old pillow can be used to protect fragile items when shipped by mail. Both the filler and the entire pillow will suit completely, depending on the size and shape of the objects.

Old pillows are also good when moving. They will help to move large furniture effortlessly and without damage to property, as well as prevent scratches and scuffs on things during their transportation.

8. Work in the yard

Lining under the feet can be done independently.

An old pillow is perfect as a lining for your knees or legs when you need to do some work in the yard, in the garden or around the house. Why experience discomfort if you can make work easier and more enjoyable?

9. Turning old pillows into dining chairs.

Beautiful and comfortable decor elements.

Another useful application for an old pillow is a soft chair seat. To do this, cut it in half, remove about half of the filler, and then hem open edges. So from one old one can get several wide cushions that will make chairs with a harder surface soft and comfortable. Bright covers will help make the update beautiful and complete.

9. Use for the garden

Harvest could be better.

Feathers are excellent fertilizer. Therefore, instead of throwing your old pillow directly into the trash, it is better to pick up its contents for your garden. Of course, if it has a natural content. Think about the benefits for the environment and plants around your home.