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Garden trees in a pot at home

House trees in a pot along with a decorative function also create psychological comfort in the house. With the help of green plants, the atmosphere in the house is cleaned, and the air is filled with wonderful aroma.

To grow a flowering or exotic orchard on your window sill, you need a little bit of land and a few seeds. Treat trees with proper care and patience, and they, in turn, will thank you for their fruits.

Tangerine tree in a pot

The fruity tree with a pleasant smell is the main home accessory. Calamondin is a beautiful evergreen plant native to the Philippines. This is a mixture of Citrus reticulata and Fortunella japonica. Calamondin loves bright light, but the direct rays of the sun on the plant should be avoided. Since this is a tropical tree, its cultivation primarily depends on watering. Despite the fact that the plant is cold-resistant, at home it will feel good at moderate temperatures.

Lemon tree in a pot

Meyer Lemon is another fragrant citrus tree that can grow on your balcony or in the kitchen. The plant reaches a height of 2-3 meters. To grow lemons at home, it is necessary to observe some factors that make it possible to hope for a good result. Remember that this variety reacts very quickly to climate change, so you can’t put a lemon on the street.

Create all the necessary conditions: lighting, fertilizer, regular watering and optimum temperature. The rules of courtship are simple enough; the whole difficulty lies only in systematicity.

Decorative tree in a pot

Pineapple is one of the most unusual tropical fruits in the world. With enough patience and care, you can grow your pineapple at home. To get started, buy a ripe pineapple at any grocery store. There is one simple and at the same time effective way to get the roots: put the dried crown in a glass of water so that it covers the trunk. When the roots reach a couple of centimeters, plant a pineapple in the ground.

Care for mature pineapple is quite simple. Do not forget to water the plant once a week and sometimes spray the leaves with water. Under natural conditions, it will take the pineapple about 2 years to produce a new fruit.

Photo: fig tree in a pot

Growing figs at home is easy. The tree can grow well in the garden, especially in warm climates. The plant loves light, so the place for growing figs should be brightly lit and warm. You need to water the figs often, and in the summer you should additionally spray the plant with water.

Amazing tropical tree in a pot grown at home

You will need to recreate the conditions in which the mango grows in its natural environment. The tree needs to be watered often and to maintain a sufficient level of humidity in the room. To grow mango at home can be from the seed or seedling.

Orange tree in a pot

Growing small trees for a potted home is an interesting and exciting experience.

Gorgeous tree with red apples

The fragrant fruits of homemade peach will be a pleasant reward for your patience and care.

Queen of garden berries - red currant

Home gooseberry bush

Small trees in pots will be a great decoration for your table