Useful ideas

Brilliant ideas on how to convert old Soviet furniture into a modern interior.


Perhaps, everyone in the house or in the country also keeps old furniture today - and it is a pity to throw it away, and it looks miserable in the modern interior.

But this problem is very easy to solve, there is a fantasy.

In this review, great and easy to implement ideas that will help to become a real furniture wizard.

1. Sofa in the hallway

The sofa from the old cabinets.

A small home-made mattress or soft furniture lining and a pair of sofa cushions will allow you to turn an old cabinet into a comfortable and functional sofa with storage space for shoes that will fit perfectly into the interior of the hallway.

2. Refreshed sofa

Upgrade the old couch.

Padding the pillows of an old sofa and painting its elements will let you breathe life into an old, worn piece of furniture and turn it into a stylish detail of the living room.

3. Table

Transfiguration of the desk.

White paint, several decorative moldings and new accessories will help to transform the desk of the Soviet times. First of all, the table needs to be disassembled, its parts should be cleared of varnish or paint, glued to the sliding cabinet moldings, after which all the elements should be carefully painted in white and fastened by handles.

4. Bright bollard

Custom painting cabinets.

A slight alteration and careful painting of an old wooden bedside table will not only refresh its appearance, but also turn it into a spectacular interior detail.

5. Mini-kitchen

Stylish kitchen rack from the old buffet.

Do not be in a hurry to get rid of the cumbersome and completely inappropriate, at first glance, buffet. A new color and slate stickers on the doors will turn it into a stylish and modern piece of furniture that will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern kitchen.

7. Bright chairs

A new kind of old chairs.

Accurate painting and a new bright upholstery will allow to transform beyond recognition the old worn chairs, which previously did not even want to look at.

8. Case for toys

Redesign old pencil case.

A boring narrow case is an excellent base for creating a bright roomy rack for children's toys. To transform it, you will need white and bright paint, as well as a wide decorative molding.

9. Bookshelf

Bright shelf from the old radio.

Awesome transformation of absolutely useless vintage radio in a bright bookshelf, which was realized with the help of a roll of colorful self-adhesive paper.

10. Bench

Banquette of the old cabinets.

The old cabinet, painted in a light shade, which refreshed its appearance, complemented by a padded quilted seat, will become a stylish and functional detail of a modern hallway.

11. Sideboard in a new way

The magical transformation of the cupboard.

White paint and the replacement of wooden doors with bright curtains made it possible to breathe life into the old sideboard, which I had previously wanted to send to the garbage.

12. Elegant sofa

Updated sofa.

White paint and new upholstery allowed us to breathe new life into an interesting, but lost its kind sofa.

13. Shelving

Shelving of doors.

Old wooden doors can be used to create creative shelves for books and decorative objects.

14. Fireplace

Decorative fireplace from the cabinet.

Fantastic transformation of the Soviet locker into a decorative fireplace, which will become a unique detail of a city apartment or living room of a country house.

15. Decoupage thumbs

Dekadzh old thumbs.

White paint and simple pictures using decoupage technique will help to transform an old nondescript cabinet. The updated locker will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern kitchen and will become its unique detail.

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16. Table

A table from an old sewing machine.

Painting the legs and the new glass tabletop made it possible to turn the stand of an old sewing machine into a very original table.

17. Patchwork chairs

Update old chairs.

New upholstery in the now popular patchwork style and painting of some elements made it possible not only to update the old chairs, but also to turn them into ultrafashionable furnishings.

18. Painted chest

Transfiguration vintage chest.

A little effort, imagination and bright colors will turn the vintage grandmother's chest into a bright piece of furniture that will be a spectacular detail of the interior and a subject for all guests.

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