Useful ideas

Cool interior renovation recommendations that will make your home comfortable


Sometimes you want to change your home interior so much, but you don’t have enough money or other opportunities to start a global renovation.

But with the ideas that are collected in this review, you only need a fantasy and a desire to put your hands on it.

Using these recommendations you can change the interior beyond recognition and make your home comfortable

1. Additional second floor

Above the wooden stairs you can create a space that can be a great place to relax.

2. Wide baseboards

The advantage of a wide plinth is a favorable combination with various floor coverings - from carpet to parquet flooring, thanks to which it fits perfectly into any large rooms with high ceilings.

3. Facing the floor under the sink

For facing the floor under the sink in the bathroom and in the kitchen, you can use ordinary tiles.

4. Large kitchen drawers

At the design stage of the kitchen interior, a professional designer should think through every detail.

5. The decor of the old cabinet: before and after

From an old cabinet that has lost its presentable appearance, you can create a truly amazing piece of art.

6. Built-in refrigerator

A built-in refrigerator in a modern kitchen interior will significantly save space.

7. Space saving

Another classic version of the built-in refrigerator, which will appeal to even the professionals.

8. Cabinet for detergents

A small locker for storing detergents and household supplies.

9. Floor Tiles

Original floor tiles that look like natural wood.

10. Built-in sockets

A stylish solution for the kitchen-studio will be built-in sockets in the wardrobe, table or tabletop.

11. Socket with light

The socket with illumination will help you to easily find it at night.

12. Baskets for toys

Wicker baskets for toys are a great solution for organizing and saving space.

13. Rack for storage

A small rack for storing wooden and wicker boxes with things and various accessories.

14. Storage under the ceiling

When the apartment is cramped, and there are not enough storage systems at all, then you should pay attention to the place under the ceiling.

15. Original ways to put things in order in the garage.

Convenient and practical way to store balls.

16. Organizers for stationery

Hanging plastic cups that can be used as organizers for office supplies.

17. Shelf for power tools

It is inconvenient to keep power tools in a closed branded suitcase, it is much more convenient to make an open shelf for storage.

18. Box with napkins

Convenient and efficient arrangement of the box with dry napkins.

19. Tape storage box

Ergonomic and practical solution - a small box for storing adhesive tape.

20. Organizer for personal care products

Current and original storage of personal hygiene products.