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Plants as an element of decor: we create an oasis of comfort and tranquility from an apartment

Each of us struggles to arrange housing so that it reigns its own special atmosphere and comfort.

That is why most people give their preference to modern decor, decorating rooms with cute knick-knacks.

However, many people forget that plants can be no less interesting and original element of the decor, refreshing the interior.

1. Indoor plants in the hallway interior

Indoor plants in the hallway interior.

Hallway - the hallmark of each apartment. It is this small room that will tell a lot about the owners of the house and the atmosphere prevailing in it. Even if you have only a couple of square meters, do not despair and give up. You can create coziness and transform a room with the help of various indoor plants that fit perfectly into the interior of the corridor. Rely on your own taste, as well as listen to the advice of designers and choose what you like. It doesn’t matter what it will be: modest ivy curling on the wall, or a luxurious palm tree in a beautiful pot.

The original decoration of the hallway plants.

Shelves - a simple solution that does not become less interesting.

2. Plants in the living room interior

Simple and original decor of the living room.

The living room is usually one of the most spacious rooms in the apartment. This is the place where we spend, if not most of our time, then certainly half. And in such moments I want one thing - so that everything around is quiet, calm and comfortable. Such a small oasis of comfort and tranquility, which can be created with the help of ornamental plants. After all, it is only necessary to decorate with them at least a small piece of the room, as the mood immediately rises and becomes happier and calmer in the soul.

Eco-style living room.

Indoor plants in the living room interior.

3. Indoor plants in the bedroom interior

Plants in the interior of the bedroom.

The bedroom is the place where you relax daily in body and soul. It is worth remembering that it is in this room that everything should be simple and tasteful. Here, first of all, space and comfort are valued, nothing superfluous. The same rule applies to the choice of indoor plants, which should not have a pronounced aroma. Succulents in decorative pots or small neat palms are best suited.

Succulents in the interior of the bedroom.

Bonsai in the interior of the bedroom.

4. Plants in the interior of the kitchen

Decorative indoor plants in the interior of the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most active places in the apartment. Here, in the truest sense of the word, life is in full swing from morning to evening. Breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks, Sunday gatherings with family at the dinner table - only a small part of what most people face almost every day. And in order to somehow brighten up the familiar atmosphere, it is enough to decorate the window sill or shelves with houseplants, which will please not only the eye, but also the soul.

Flowers in the kitchen - a great element of decor.

Kitchen decoration with flowers.

5. Plants in the bathroom interior

Indoor plants in the bathroom interior.

Bathroom - the very place where you can finally retire after a hard day at work. Here, in the literal sense of the word, you relax mentally and physically, relaxing under the splash of water and the aromas of bath accessories. And to give the interior a touch of pristine freshness and relaxation, decorate the room with plants, thanks to them you will have your own little paradise.

Dilute the familiar environment with plants.

Monstera - will make your bathroom particularly attractive.