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Tricks to help clean up the house and increase the chances of a dressing room


Tricks to help clean up the house and increase the chances of a dressing room

In the new review, the readers are presented with a lot of incredibly useful tricks that will help increase the capabilities of his wardrobe, and for one thing and bring order to it.

Take these tips on the arms is all without exception.

1. Summer T-shirts

Storage T-shirts.

It is not necessary to allocate a separate shelf in the closet for storing summer and linen undershirts. It is enough to buy the packaging of the cheapest rings on which the curtains in the bathroom are usually hanged, attach them to the hanger and hang all their T-shirts on it.

2. Baseball caps

Storage of baseball caps.

A large collection of baseball caps can be placed on one or more rails attached to the wall of the cabinet in the compartment with hangers. Keeping caps in this way is much more convenient than putting them on top of each other.

3. Bags

Storage bags.

Instead of storing the bags in boxes or storing them on the shelves, hang them on hooks. If the collection of handbags is impressive enough, it is better to acquire several hooks at once, which can be attached to the wall, end or cabinet door.

4. Bras

Storage bras.

A separate cabinet with bras, folded cup to cup, looks neat only on the day of cleaning, and on all other days there is complete chaos. To solve this problem will help a small hanger with hooks attached to the wall or door of the cabinet. This storage system makes it easy to find and get the right bra, without disturbing the order.

Vertical storage of clothes.

Use a large chain or regular tin keys to hold several hangers together and get a vertical row of clothes. This simple, at first glance, trick, will increase the capacity of the wardrobe at least twice.

6. Slippers and Vietnamese

Storage slippers and flip flops.

Unnecessary log stands can be used to store beach slippers and flip flops. Such a trick will make it possible to save a lot of space in a shoe closet, restore order there and, finally, get rid of thousands of boxes.

7. Knitted sweaters

Storage of knitted and wool sweaters.

Knitted and wool sweaters can be kept hanging, wrapping them around a hanger as shown in the picture. This trick will keep the shape of the product and save significant space on the shelves.

8. Protection of seasonal items.

Storage of seasonal items.

It is better to keep expensive and seasonal things in special cases or, if they are not such, to cover them with homemade cloths with a hole for a hanger in the middle. This trick will protect things that are temporarily not worn from dust and dirt.

9. Clothes hangers

Upgrade hanger for clothes.

Strips of hot glue on the hangers will prevent clothes from slipping off. To cope with this problem, you can also use the gum for money, fixed at the edges of the hangers.

10. Additional shelves

Additional shelves in the closet.

Instead of keeping picnic bags or shopping bags folded, fasten them on hangers and use them as extra shelves for storing old clothes, toys, umbrellas or any other things.

11. Retractable shelves

Retractable shelves in the closet.

Lovers of all kinds of jewelry and accessories should think about the construction of several sliding shelves in the closet. Such shelves will not take up much space, and are ideal for storing jewelry and jewelry.

12. Scarves and ties

Storage of scarves and ties.

So that the scarves and ties do not hesitate, do not get confused and at the same time do not take up a lot of space on the shelves, store them on rails fastened to the side wall of the cabinet.

13. Belts

Belt storage.

So that belts and belts are not lost in the closet, do not slide off the hangers and as a result do not end up at the bottom of the closet, store them in a suspended state on a special hanger-ring.

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14. Homewear

Storage of home clothes.

Sports and home clothes can be stored on clothespins attached to one of the walls of the cabinet. Such an original idea will significantly increase the capacity of the cabinet and slightly unload the shelves.

15. Aroma of freshness

Fragrant wardrobe.

So that the clothes always smell of freshness, and an unpleasant odor inadvertently settles in the closet, place in the closet several bags of fine fabric filled with a powder laundry freshener.

16. Jeans

Jeans storage.

To save space on the shelves, it is better to store folded jeans vertically, rather than in horizontal stacks that are familiar to most people.

17. Socks and tights

Storage of socks and pantyhose.

Socks and tights, twisted into neat rolls, can be stored in a clean tin box of biscuits.

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