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Size does not matter: what to do if you got a small kitchen


Small kitchen - the problem of many apartments. Very often, when planning a multi-storey building, this particular room “gets” the least square, which adversely affects the comfort of the owners.

But you should not get upset, because even a miniature kitchen can become a cozy place for family parties, get-togethers with friends and cooking culinary masterpieces.

The main thing - to know what you should pay attention when arranging the room.

Suitable layout

First of all, you should decide on the layout of the kitchen. If the room is quite small, it is advisable to remove part of the wall, and combine it, for example, with the living room. So you can increase the area and create a fashionable studio apartment.

The absence of a wall between the rooms visually increases the space.

If you adhere to the motto "Break - do not build," then there are 2 more layouts for you: linear (furniture is located along one wall) and corner (bedside tables and table tops are placed along adjacent walls).

Linear layout.

Corner layout.

White color in the interior

Most housewives oppose the white color in the kitchen, as they consider it too labeled and difficult to clean. To some extent they are right. But if you have a small room, and you need to at least visually expand it, bright colors will become a win-win option. White color can be used not only at registration of walls, a ceiling, but also an apron, table-top, headset. It is always up to date and even in 10 years your kitchen will look fashionable and stylish, especially if you add bright accents. In addition, the white color reflects light, thereby increasing the illumination of the room.

White kitchen looks stylish and relevant.

Proper furniture

Prefer light interior items - they will not overload the space. You can buy wall cabinets for the color of the walls - so you visually make the room bigger, the room will be more spacious.

Wall cabinets in the color of the walls - another way to increase the room.

Remember one simple truth - massive furniture in a small kitchen looks cumbersome, inappropriate and will "push" on you. It will occupy the entire free area and as a result you cannot even turn around, let alone cooking. Therefore, it is better to prefer elegant items, for example, transparent plastic chairs, bar stools with thin legs, a glass table, and cabinets with transparent doors.

Prefer transparent furniture in the kitchen.

Another option to save space is built-in, multifunctional furniture or transforming objects - a folding table, folding chairs, mobile tables on wheels.

Open shelves

Boldly? May be. But if to maintain order on such shelves, they will become excellent assistants for the apartment owners, will allow to keep the dishes in sight and relieve the pressure of bulky cabinets. This option does not load the space, but makes it more free. It is not necessary to “decorate” all the walls with such shelves - even their partial use can transform the kitchen interior.

Open shelves can be a part of the furniture in the interior of the kitchen, as well as a decorative element.

But it should be borne in mind that such products are not suitable for all styles. For example, they will look appropriate in a loft, Scandinavian style, country country or provence. But the classic interiors do not accept such a "liberty."

Good lighting

A small kitchen needs a lot of light, because if the lighting is bad, the interior will seem to the owners and guests of the apartment dull, and the room - cramped. To avoid this, make sure that the room gets the maximum light from the street. To help address this issue will be able to Roman curtains or translucent, weightless curtains.

When choosing curtains you need to take into account the shape of the window, the interior of the room, the color scheme.

Also do not forget about artificial lighting. It is better to use several options: install spotlights above the work surface, a beautiful chandelier above the table, organize lighting in cabinets. Thus, you will feel comfortable in the kitchen at any time of the day and turn on the light only in the area where it is needed at the moment.

Artificial lighting kitchen must meet practical requirements.

Bar counter

The bar counter is an excellent option for a small room, as it saves a large amount of m2. This piece of furniture is suitable for modern families and young people who are accustomed to live in a fast rhythm. But for parents with young children and elderly, this option is not suitable. They are better to equip the kitchen with a small dining table and a bar counter that comes with it.

The bar counter will be an excellent option to replace the kitchen table.

Proper household appliances

Today, the stores feature a large number of kitchen appliances, which greatly facilitates the preparation of dishes. There is only one question - where to place all these wonders of technology?

So, first of all, before buying a bread maker or a mixer, think: maybe you will get along fine without them? We are chasing new products and products that advertising imposes on us, but as a result we practically don’t use them. Secondly, there are a large number of multifunctional appliances that combine the functions of different kitchen devices. Thirdly, think about the built-in appliances or light ovens, microwaves, which are installed above the working surface with the help of brackets.

Choose multifunctional kitchen appliances to save space in the kitchen.

Kitchen without refrigerator

If you put a refrigerator in the corridor or in the next room, then you will have a chance to significantly expand the design decisions. You will be able to afford to buy a kitchen corner, additional wall cabinets for dishes, larger table set.

Lack of a refrigerator in the kitchen will save space in the room.