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Comfort in small areas, or How to perfectly organize the space and choose the right storage systems


Everyone knows the truth that with proper organization of space and the right choice of storage systems, cleanliness and comfort in the house directly depends.

This is especially true of tiny apartments, where any thing that is not in place, instantly creates a feeling of confusion and chaos.

Look at the following ideas and recommendations, maybe they will help you keep your house clean without any special problems, while creating a special atmosphere of comfort and aesthetics.

Original ideas of the organization of space and storage systems in small areas.

It is an interesting fact, but it is in small apartments and houses that one can see the most amazing and unusual ideas and solutions, which are simply breathtaking. Yes, this is in principle and understandable, because the banal lack of space and pushes inventive human nature to incredible ideas and the most rational decisions.

1. Original layout or redevelopment.

An example of the rational use of available space.

On tiny squares or when organizing space in studio apartments, planning and redevelopment is always an inspiring process that requires precise mathematical calculations, because you really need to use every millimeter of space available (all at once). And you can not get involved in this kind of seals so as not to create a kind of littered dwelling.

The organization of a berth on the second tier and the rational use of steps.

If you are lucky and you are the owner of an apartment with high ceilings, then the arrangement of a bed on the second tier is the most ideal option. Moreover, creating a ladder for lifting, it is rational to use each step and platform by installing drawers or systems of open and closed shelves, as well as all kinds of cabinets in the floor area.

Two-tier organization of the workplace for the student or office for adults and a bed with the help of a furniture wall.

Even with a standard ceiling height (not less than 2.5 meters) with the help of furniture modules or walls, you can create a working area and a bedroom in one place, but in different areas. This option is the best for creating children's corners.

As for the studio apartments, the use of the second tier is the best option. In this case, not only the desktop can be placed on the first tier, but also the whole kitchen or living room.

2. Functional zoning

Zoning of small areas with the help of furniture structures.

Many people mistakenly believe that only large rooms can be divided into zones so as not to give the impression that you live in the cinema foyer or in the exhibition hall. But this is not at all the case, specialists and modern designers claim that it is in small apartments that functional zoning is much more important. After all, it is known that its main task is the rational use of space.

Zoning a room with retractable or folding partitions.

In this matter, the rational arrangement of furniture predominates, the creation of optimal routes for the movement of all family members, each of them so that he can stay in the room, but go about his business and most importantly, feel comfortable and not interfere with each other. This is truly a complex and very delicate task, given the tiny dimensions of an apartment or house, because bulky and high partitions are not appropriate here (except for transparent materials).

Creating different functional areas with the help of color and texture of the wall design.

Zoning a small apartment using lighting and ordinary curtains.

To organize a special comfort zone, you first need to decide what techniques you will use to create separate habitats. This can be stationary partitions, sliding systems or special screens, furniture sections or modules, the selection of materials of different colors or textures using wall, ceiling or floor coatings, the distinction using lighting or a regular curtain.

3. Making a super-roomy podium

In modern interior design very often you can see the podiums, which do not always act as a fashionable design. In small squares, they become a real salvation, and such popularity is quite explicable by the multifunctionality of the structure itself. This kind of elevation in the apartment is used in several versions and performs various functions:

An interesting option for decorating the bathroom with the installation of the podium.

It perfectly masks communications, if it is impossible to hide them with the help of other methods. Such podiums create in kitchens and bathrooms to hide a huge number of water and sewer pipes. The main thing is not to forget to organize free and convenient access to all communications.

Creating various functional areas using the podium.

It helps to organize a competent zoning of the space, given the design reception with height difference. Thanks to the organization of such a construction, it will be possible to separate one functional area from another. Such a distinction is more appropriate in studio apartments and in the case of a combination of kitchens with living rooms. In this case, do not forget about the creation of storage systems under the floor area of ​​the podium itself.

Rational use of space under the pedestal.

Combined study and bedroom with the proper organization of the podium.

Rational use of available space, due to the division of space into tiers, which can easily be used for different purposes. At the top level, you can organize a bed, study, living room, and use the space under it to store seasonal items and things.

Using the podium, you can create a full bedroom or dressing room.

In some cases, it is the design of the podium that will perfectly be able to replace massive wardrobes or allow you to install a pull-out bed, which will significantly free up the floor area. If the ceiling height is sufficient, it is better to arrange the pedestal at such a level that a full-fledged dressing room or pantry room is located in the underground space.

Such a podium option can serve as a bed frame and be equipped with a sliding workplace.

Podiums perfectly replace furniture, if they are used instead of a bed frame, and the space under them is organized as correctly as possible.

Podiums in the apartment can be created with your own hands.

With the creation of a pedestal perfectly well you can handle yourself, it would be a desire. For the organization of the podiums, you can use construction foam blocks, wood, expanded clay concrete, OSB plates and other materials, to work with which, special professional skills are not required. The main thing is to adhere to some design rules in its design, so that the design blends seamlessly into the interior of your room and acts as an interesting element in the decor and modification of the entire space.

4. Use of modular systems

Ideal modular construction options for studio apartments and small spaces.

Modular systems perfectly cope not only with the creation of capacious storage systems, but also the organization of high-grade, and sometimes even secluded areas in a small space. As a rule, such structures have a cubic form, and each side of it carries its own functional load.

With the help of such a module, it was possible to organize an isolated bedroom, a wardrobe and a storage room.

In today's market there are many options for modular systems that help to organize not only a bed, but also a kitchen, dining room, dressing room and study. Your task is to correctly determine which zones you need in a particular space in order not to create chaos and clutter.

Using a cubic cabinet, you can organize space and storage systems at the same time.

In some cases, those who are familiar with the carpentry business can make such a design themselves, and how to do this will be demonstrated by the following video.

5. The right choice of furniture

The best furniture options for small spaces.

Naturally, when choosing furniture, one should be guided by sound mind, not fashion trends, and try to squeeze pompous furniture into a small square. Compact multifunctional structures are suitable for such areas, which can perfectly replace expensive modular systems.

Smart furniture is ideal for small apartments.

Folding, pull-out beds and tables will significantly free up the floor area. If funds allow, you can purchase smart furniture, which perfectly organizes not only the living space, but also helps to organize your own storage place for each item.

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