Useful ideas

30 ideas for decoration of tree trunks


For decorating the house, you can use a variety of materials. The tree is one of the most traditional, but today we will discuss how to create a stylish and high-quality design from tree trunks.

1. Unusual coffee table

A great option to create a coffee table with a slice of a tree trunk.

2. Three mini tables

Using three tree trunks in the form of three mini-tables that will decorate the interior of any room.

3. A table with wooden branches

A creative table with wooden branches and logs, something that will please the eye and create a wonderful atmosphere.

4. Two tree trunks

Two tree trunks are used as separate tables that adorn and complement the interior.

5. Three beautiful tables

Three simple and beautiful tables made from cuts of trees will refresh the interior.

6. Modern table

Modern wooden table, which consists of several levels.

7. Table nightstand

A great option to create a bedside table from the cut of a tree.

8. Golden decorative tables

Interesting decorative tables from cuts of a tree in gold color, the beautiful decision for registration of the room.

9. The wall is framed by wood.

The beautiful design of the wall with a tree is a cute decor element.

10. Wall decor

The decor of the wall, which is decorated with pieces of tree trunks that look very aesthetically pleasing.

11. Stylish and serious interior

Serious and strict interior of a living room with a non-standard wall decorated with wood.

12. Wooden chair

A great option to create a chair made of wood, but rather from a part of the trunk of a tree.

13. Incredible Cabinet

An interesting cabinet, which is made from the part of the tree, is a good option for the living room.

14. Comfortable stand

Comfortable coasters in the bedroom, which will create comfort around the bed.

15. Wooden coasters

Very nice wooden coasters that fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

16. Place for reading

A great place to read your favorite book in a comfortable chair at a wooden table.

17. Modern sculpted tree trunk

Modern beautiful sculpted tree trunk, which will decorate any interior in the bedroom.

18. Wooden stand in the bathroom

A simple element in the design of the bathroom, a comfortable wooden stand.

19. Lovely wooden candlesticks

A good option to create wooden candlesticks that will decorate any room.

20. Beautiful candlesticks

Beautiful interior design of the room with the help of interesting wooden candlesticks.

21. Wooden wall decoration

A wonderful option to decorate an unusually wall is to create a wooden ornament on it.

22. Wooden star do it yourself

Interesting wooden crafts in the form of a star, decorate the interior and create an incredible atmosphere.

23. Home decor

Filling wood cuts with ceramics is one of the decor options for any room.

24. Natural greens

Beautiful design of the cuts of trees with natural greenery that will refresh the interior.

25. Beautiful candle

Incredibly beautiful candle - a tree trunk.

26. The perfect coffee table

The ideal coffee table is created from a part of a tree, perfect for open spaces.

27. Amazing table

An interesting table with a glass lid and a wooden base - a modern interior detail.

28. Fine design festive table

Very bright and unusual decoration of the holiday table with elements from natural wood.

29. Kitchen island

Beautiful and modern kitchen island, the foundation of which will perform a majestic tree trunk.

30. Wall Decor Tree

An interesting design of the wall with wooden elements that will decorate any interior room.