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15 simple culinary life hacking that everyone should know


Cooking is more than cooking, cooking is real art. And today in our small life hacking we have collected tips that will help to join this very "art". Each of these subtleties can be used in your kitchen.

1. Salted soup

Salvation salted soup.

An over-salted dish can spoil not only the mood, but also a family dinner. Do not despair, almost always the salted dish can be saved. To reanimate the salted soup will need a crust of black bread. Put it in a saucepan with the soup and boil for ten minutes.

2. Peeled Tomatoes

A simple way to clean tomatoes.

To easily and gently peel the tomatoes, rinse them with boiling water and leave for a few minutes in hot water. After such a simple procedure, the skin can be easily picked up and removed without damaging the fruit.

3. Vegetable oil

The correct amount of vegetable is small in a pan.

In order not to overdo it with vegetable oil in a pan, use half a potato. Just drip on it with vegetable oil and wipe off a potato pan. It should be clarified that this method is suitable only for non-stick coatings.

4. Delicious soup

The secret ingredient that will make the soup even tastier.

A few minutes before turning off the fire, add a little freshly squeezed carrot or cabbage juice to the soup. This technique will significantly improve the taste of the dish, as well as enrich it with vitamins.

5. Lemon juice

Squeeze the maximum out of lemon.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a part of many recipes. To get the maximum amount of juice from one fruit, lemon should be soaked in hot water.

6. Morning coffee

Invigorating drink.

The morning of many people begins with a cup of coffee, but not many know how to make this drink more useful and invigorating. Try adding some cocoa powder to your morning coffee. The flavonoids contained in cocoa increase blood circulation and thereby improve the complexion.

7. White wine alternative

Alternative to white wine.

For the preparation of many delicious dishes require white wine. However, if the culinary impulse surged suddenly, but the desired wine was not found, it can be replaced with a mixture of vinegar and sugar.

8. Paste is correct

Pasta al dente.

Train yourself not to make a little pasta. Such a dish will prolong the feeling of fullness, which will have a positive effect on the figure.

9. Yeast Dough

Air yeast dough.

Make the yeast dough more lush and airy potatoes will help. Add to the dough 2-3 pieces of boiled potatoes, grated on a fine grater, and proceed to baking delicious cakes.

10. Spice mix

Fragrant mix of salt with spices.

To make your favorite spices even more fragrant and savory, mix them in a separate container with salt. Such a neighborhood will make the spices emit more essential oils, and therefore more interesting and tasty.

11. Peeled Potatoes

Storage of peeled potatoes.

Store peeled potatoes in cold water containers. Water will not allow the product to darken and absorb excess starch. If the potatoes are still dark, you can boil it in water with the addition of milk or lemon juice.

12. Fresh fish

Check for freshness.

Before cooking fish dishes, you should make sure that it is fresh. Take a container of water and place the fish there. If the carcass sinks - it is fresh, if it floats - old or spoiled.

13. Flavored sugar

Flavored sugar.

Put your favorite spices in a sugar bowl: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, mint, lavender and leave it for a week. After that, pour out the spices and add sugar.

14. Vanilla

Vanilla in salads.

Few know that vanilla is perfect for vegetable salads. Use this spice to make salads more interesting and savory.

15. Fresh eggs

Check for egg freshness.

A simple way to check the freshness of eggs.