Useful ideas

20 unusual bedside tables that will make the interior of the bedroom perfect and complete.


The bedside table is a very important element of the decor of any sleeping room. In our new review we have collected some really impressive, stylish and colorful samples of such furniture.

1. Non-standard solution

Original lime nightstand.

A light-green bedside table, featuring an unusual design, will perfectly fit into the interior of a light bedroom.

2. Original design

Broken bedside design.

An interesting idea for a modern bedroom is a wenge-colored bedside table with an intricate broken design.

3. Shabby chic

Chest in the style of chebbi chic.

If the area of ​​the bedroom does not allow to place all the desired furniture, the bedside cabinet can be replaced with a small original chest of drawers.

4. Mirror surface

Mirror nightstand.

A spacious mirror table will bring a note of elegance to the bedroom and, somewhat, unload space.

5. Grunge

Bedside table in grunge style.

Unique bedside table, which can be made by hand from a metal container. Such a bedside table will undoubtedly appeal to creative individuals and will be the final detail of a modern bedroom.

6. Open design

Open bedside table.

An open nightstand with an original design will allow you to place a lot of necessary things and harmoniously fit into the interior, both classic and modern bedrooms.

7. Angle design

Bright corner bedside table.

The compact corner bedside table of yellow color will perfectly fit even into the smallest spaces. The curbstone is equipped with several open shelves for storing various small things, and if necessary it can be used as a desk.

8. Accent detail

Round bedside table

The round bollard of bright color looks very elegant and creative. Such a bedside table will be a real decoration of the bedroom.

9. Classic style

Curbstone table.

Gorgeous nightstand-table - ideal for a small bedroom business person.

10. Beautiful reliefs

Stylish dark cabinet

The dark bedside table with the original design of the facade will be a concise completion of the bedroom, decorated in coffee tones.

11. Ethnic motives

Bedside table in the Arab style.

The charming bedside nightstand of stylish menthol color, made in the Arabic style, will refresh and decorate any bedroom.

12. Hi-tech

Bedside table in hi-tech style.

Roomy and functional cabinet with a metal frame will appeal to lovers of modern style.

13. The pyramid

Cabinet of wooden boxes.

The original design, made of wooden boxes of different sizes, connected by one mount.

14. Bedside table

Wooden dresser-table.

A charming bedside table with an open compartment for storing various small items.

15. Wood patterns

Bedside table made of wood.

Fantastic wooden dresser, stylized antique chest. Such a bedside table will harmoniously fit into the interior in the style of a loft, minimalism or rustic.

16. Coarse material

Curbstone from cinder blocks.

Non-standard bedside table made of cinder blocks will be a stylish addition to the bedroom in the industrial style.

17. Minimalism

Suspended bedside table.

Hanging bedside table in the style of minimalism, definitely, like people who appreciate the free space. Despite the compact design, such a cabinet will always keep your favorite book, glasses, alarm clock and a glass of water on hand.

18. Barrel

Bedside cabinet in the form of a barrel.

Feel free to use a wooden barrel instead of a bedside table. This bedside table will be a stylish addition to the bedroom in the style of country or Provence.

19. Wooden stepladder

Wooden stepladder instead of cabinets.

The old wooden stepladder will perfectly cope with the functions of the bedside table and will become a unique decoration of the room.

20. Natural material

Suspended pedestal made of natural wood.

Simple and elegant hanging pedestal, which is very easy to do with your own hands from several boards.