Useful ideas

Options for decorating the bathroom


Do not let the gap to free meters - use the space above the toilet beautifully and with benefit.

More than modest dimensions of a standard restroom, even when combined with a bathroom, force one to break his head over where to fit all the necessary things. We are looking for additional storage space, we think through the layout and often simply forget about the wall behind the toilet. At first glance, this space seems almost useless. It would seem that there can fit, except for pipes and communications? However, practice shows that this is not the case. We understand what can be hung over the toilet bowl.

Picture or poster

What is the wall above the cistern worse than any other in the house? Actually, nothing. So, it can easily decorate pretty posters, paintings or signs.

Save valuable copies for other rooms because of the increased humidity in the bathroom, but for reproduction in sealed frames, this is the place.

One piece is not necessarily limited - if space permits, arrange an "art gallery".

Tip: A similar decorative effect can be produced by interior vinyl stickers. These stickers can be of any size and shape: from imitation of classic framed paintings to fantastic compositions.

Wall mural c ironic view

An unbanal solution that will visually increase the closet space of the bathroom (and demonstrate its sense of humor) is modern wallpaper.

It will be a beach with white sand and azure waters, or a New York subway - you decide.

Private collection

It is not so important that it will be: a collection of ceramics, souvenir plates from journeys, or scattered tiles left over from past repairs - the main thing is to make an interesting composition on the wall.


To prevent the place from being lost in the combined bathroom, hang a mirror not just over the sink, but also over the toilet. It will be more convenient to look in such a mirror, even if you approach it together. In addition, it will visually enlarge the room and add light to it.

Use the mirror and in a separate toilet. Although it would seem, this is not the subject that you expect to see here.

Choose a frame for the interior style or play on the contrast - a bright effect is provided.

Open shelves

A simple shelf place not only above the sink - it is useful and above the toilet. One or several, on the same line or "ladder", made of glass or wood - there is plenty to choose from. A good place for shelves - and in a niche above the toilet.

There is always something to store here: from aromatic sachets in vases to rolls of toilet paper. Put posters in frames here, if you don’t want to drill the wall. And in the combined bathroom you can place towels and toiletries.

Ordinary bookshelves will be useful in the bathroom for those who like to read in the toilet. There is enough space not only for periodicals and a few favorite volumes, but also for various trifles and bathing accessories.

It is important from time to time to change the exposure of books so that they are not damp, especially if the room cannot boast of good ventilation.

: Engage not only the wall behind the toilet, but also adjacent to it.


Choose a special model for the bathroom with an empty space provided for the toilet or sink. Or buy a regular rack and remove excess lower shelves.

The advantage of this design is in the additional usable area (the rack itself takes up very little space). For example, on the crossbars on the sides you can hang hooks and hang towels on them.


Do not want things to be in sight? Pay attention to the closet. It can be mounted or floor, with deaf or glazed doors. Some models are originally equipped with towel holders, so that additional hooks and rails in the bathroom will not be needed.


Ordinary open shelves can be replaced with wicker hanging baskets: metal, wicker or plastic. They are suitable, rather, for towels or toilet paper than for tubes and jars, but the things in the baskets are well ventilated.


Metal bars will be useful not only for hanging towels directly on them. You can add hooks to them (on the model of the same roof rails in the kitchen), hang baskets or other containers. Such an open design looks visually lighter than a massive cupboard. But the order here should be monitored more carefully.


Beautiful draperies deserve not only the window. The curtain is able to decorate the bathroom, especially decorated in a classic style. The function of such a drapery can not only be decorative - it is easy to hide shelves or a niche behind it so that their contents are not constantly visible.

Board: A false-window with lights mounted behind the curtain will maximize realism and simulate a window in the bathroom.


We are accustomed to the fact that in the bathroom the light source is under the ceiling. But why not arrange a small light show here? LED strips on the perimeter of the wall give enough light, look elegant, serve for a long time, and even save energy.

Tip: Even the usual sconces, installed above the toilet bowl, will look more effective than a banal ceiling tablet.


Yes, it may look weird. But, if you cannot part with a blue screen even in the bathroom — for example, like to watch the morning news while taking a shower — why not hang the screen on a free wall above the toilet.

Tip: There are models of embedded TVs - they are invisible when turned off, and when turned on, they "appear" on the glass. Such a model can be mounted behind a mirror or lacquered glass of the cabinet door (models are made to order).