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17 brilliant things that will make the house comfortable and modern


Everyone would like to live in a modern, cozy and comfortable home. And it turns out to be quite easy. So, for example, you can acquire a few things from this review and thus make a step into the future.

1. Shower Head

Awesome shower head.

Awesome shower head that will bring water treatments to a new level and turn the bathroom into a real spa.

2. Transforming table

Functional coffee table made of pallets.

Amazing coffee table with sliding table top and a variety of shelves for storing different things.

3.Nisha for paper towels

Niche for storing paper towels.

Get rid of the unnecessary drawer and use the free space to store a roll of paper towels.

4. Furniture-transformer

Modular complex.

Modular units that can replace almost any furniture needed in the bedroom. Such a complex is perfect for lovers of permutations, lovers of free space and owners of tiny apartments.

5. Dutch door

Dutch interior door design.

The Dutch door is the perfect solution for a child's room. Due to its design, the top and bottom of the door can be opened separately from each other. Thus, opening only the upper casement, parents can watch what is happening in the nursery without worrying that the child will be able to leave the room on his own and go to a free “swimming” around the apartment.

6. Cover for toilet

"Family" toilet seat.

A convenient toilet lid with individual seats is the perfect solution for a family bathroom.

7. Coffee table with a screen

Coffee table with built-in computer.

Modern coffee table, which is mounted on the tabletop 32-inch LCD touch-sensitive display. Manufacturers claim that the screen is reliably protected from exposure to temperature and moisture, so that you can safely put on it cups with hot drinks and, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.

8. Dining table

Dining table that turns into a billiard room.

A large dining table that easily turns into a billiard room, and benches into boxes for storage of billiard accessories.

9. Natural lighting


Amazing design that will allow the use of sunlight instead of artificial lighting. Such a lamp can be placed in a pantry, laundry or in any other room, where there are no windows.

10. Fake lockers

Socket disguised as a drawer.

At first glance - this is an ordinary drawer, which is full in the kitchen, but in fact there is a socket behind the door.

11. Retractable stools

Compact stools.

Minimalistic seats that can easily be pushed under the countertop - a terrific solution for a small kitchen.

12. Shelf for coffee machine

Retractable shelf for coffee machines.

Convenient retractable cabinet for storing coffee machines, cups, sugar bowls and other accessories.

13. Compact slide

Compact children's slide.

A device that will easily turn the stairs into a fun and safe slide, which undoubtedly will please the children.

14. Bed

Bed with a house for a pet.

Stylish double bed with built-in cage for your pet.

15. Podium

Multifunctional podium in the bedroom.

A podium with a lot of hidden storage boxes and a compact pull-out table is a stylish and functional solution for a teenager's bedroom.

16. Hidden TV

Hidden tv in the bedroom.

TV with a retractable design, which with a flick of the wrist turns into a family picture or a large picture

17. Soft stools

Designer stools.

Charming soft stools that will fit perfectly into the interior of the girl's apartment.