Useful ideas

Plyushkin's Treasures: 17 fantastic examples of turning rubbish into useful things for home and garden


Perhaps everyone in the house has old things that no one needs. But do not rush to send them to the dump. In our review there are several brilliant ideas that will make it possible to turn the most seemingly “hopeless” things into very useful things in household use.

1. Fairytale box

Box for letters and decorations.

An old book in a thick cover can be turned into a terrific box for storing letters, cards, jewelry or money stash.

2. Press Organizer

Organizer for newspapers and magazines.

Surely, many preserved old records with children's fairy tales and music. There is nothing to listen to them, but it is a pity to throw them out. In this case, you can try to turn the collection of records in the original wall organizer for newspapers and magazines.

3. Coffee table

Coffee table with storage space.

Paint or varnish old wooden boxes and make a wonderful coffee table with niches for storing books and magazines.

4. Dog Feeder

Feeder for dogs with a storage compartment for dry food.

From an unnecessary document box you get a very stylish and convenient dog feeder with a special compartment for storing dry food. This design can be put in the country or in a country house, so as not to carry a rack for bowls.

5. Cabinet

Vintage dresser from old window shutters.

Planning to replace the shutters? In no case do not throw out the old ones, because of them you can make a charming vintage cabinet that will become a real decoration of the porch or veranda.

6. Hanger

Towel hanger.

Creative towel rack made from the back of a broken chair.

7. Hanger-shelf

Hanger-shelf from the dining table.

Do not be in a hurry to throw out the old table that issued the views; make a shelf out of it a hanger that can be hung above the washbasin on the dacha porch.

8. Board


One of the drawers of the desk can be turned into a cute whiteboard for notes, photos, recipes and cards.

9. Bookshelves

Charming bookshelves.

Simple manipulations and accurate painting will help to turn the desk drawers into beautiful bookshelves.

10. Organizer for threads

Organizer for threads and accessories.

The old ironing board, which has been collecting dust in the closet for several years, can be turned into a stylish and very useful organizer for storing threads, yarn and other accessories.

11. Decorative shelves

Decorative shelves.

The old chopping board and a pair of wooden bowls can be turned into unique decorative shelves that will be pleasing to the eye and suitable for storing various small items.

12. Arm for garden hose

Wall bracket for garden hose.

Painting and a simple decor will help to turn an unnecessary car drive into a charming wall bracket for a garden hose. Such an idea, for sure, will be useful for summer residents who are tired of hoses tangling under their feet.

13. Wall shelves

Design shelves.

Turn board games into unique shelves. These shelves best fit into the interior of a teenager's room, and their appearance is not inferior to designer shelves.

14. Stand for paper towels

The holder for paper towels.

What just can not find, dismantling the pantry, attic or balcony. If during the next routine cleaning you stumble upon an incomprehensible where the globe came from, make a paper towel holder out of it. Such a thing, no doubt, will please the eye and will be useful in the kitchen.

15. Bed for animals

Simple bed for pet.

Old wooden box is very easy to turn into a cozy bed for your pet. You just need to break or cut one of the walls of the box, and the rest to beat up with a cloth. At the bottom you can put a pad or foam.

16. Bottle

Stand for bottles.

Unnecessary vinyl records can be turned into a beautiful bottle-house, which will become an exclusive decoration of the kitchen.

17. Birdhouse

Decorative nesting box.

From unnecessary books you can make an original decorative nesting box, which will become a real wall decoration. Of course, you should not make it from good publications. We are talking about old textbooks, love stories and books spoiled by children.