Useful ideas

19 great ideas for organizing a stylish backyard wedding


The wedding can be organized in various places, including in your own country house, or in the country. Best of all, the backyard will suit the solemn ceremony.

1. Bar

Rustic wedding bar.

With the help of straw, wooden barrels and cloth burlap, an ordinary wooden table can be turned into a stylish bar for a summer rustic wedding.

2. Invitation Design

Design of wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations can be printed on yellow cardboard and decorated with each openwork paper napkin, made with your own hands and with love.

3. Wedding table

Registration of a wedding table in industrial style.

Guest tables can be decorated with original wire structures filled with wildflowers, and large green sheets of exotic plants can be placed under the plates. This decor looks very juicy, stylish and summer-like.

4. Guest places

Registration of places for guests.

Guest places for the summer ceremony can be made by yourself from sheaves of hay covered with sacking, cotton or chintz materials.

5. Pointers

Original pointers with their own hands.

To ensure that guests are not lost in your area, make original signs, such as a bow and wooden arrows pointing to the venue for the ceremony, a bar and a banquet table. Such a decision will not only help guests, but will also become an original decoration of the courtyard.

6. Globe for wishes

Globe for good wishes.

The globe is an original alternative to the traditional book of wishes, which after the celebration will be a memorable decoration of the house of the newly-made family.

7. Cocktail tables

Stylish cocktail tables.

Modern newlyweds are increasingly abandoning the traditional solemn feast, choosing instead the format of a buffet table or party. For such an event, homemade tables from wooden barrels will be suitable, where guests can have a snack and skip a couple of cocktails.

8. Floristics

Flower decorations.

The buffet table for a summer wedding can be decorated with spaced and hung glass jars and bottles with miniature bouquets of flowers.

9. Box for rings

Original box design for rings.

Instead of the traditional box or cushion for wedding rings, you can make some kind of bird nest with a moss pillow. To make this nest look more elegant, decorate it with colorful beads and ribbons.

10. Photozone

Organization of photozones in the open.

Themed photo zones - an integral part of a modern wedding. You can make something original on your own site using old doors and floral decorations.

11. Banquet table

Eco-design banquet table.

Green tablecloths, wooden stumps, flowers in original pots will be a delightful continuation of the summer theme of the celebration.

12. Scenery

Budget design photozone.

Another stylish and budget idea for decorating photo zones on your own plot is a wall of pallets decorated with climbing plants and shimmering garlands.

13. Wedding arch

Rectangular wedding arch.

The arch at the wedding is not just decoration, but a symbol of heaven, happiness and prosperity. Make such a stylish and important attribute solemn the power of any man with minimal construction skills. For the manufacture of a wedding arch, you need a rectangular wooden frame, which should be decorated with fabric and flowers based on the overall style of the celebration.

14. Guest Cards

Banquet cards for boarding guests.

Name cards on the table will avoid confusion and chaos during the seating of guests. To make the cards not only functional, but also beautiful, place them in miniature jars with bouquets of flowers.

15. Summer bar

Boat with refreshing drinks.

A simple wooden boat with ice and various drinks is a stylish and useful idea for organizing a summer wedding.

16. Drinks

Drinks in cans.

Instead of ordinary glasses and glasses you can serve drinks and cocktails in decorative glass jars.

17. Decor of chairs

The original idea of ​​the design of chairs.

The design of the chairs is another important element in creating a festive atmosphere. Fabric burlap will help to decorate the chairs for the summer wedding.

18. Fruits

Fruit on a cake stand.

Fruits at the summer wedding can be not only a tasty treat, but also a stunning decoration of the buffet table. Create beautiful compositions of flowers, fruits and berries on multi-level cake stands.

19. Country style

Spectacular decor for country style weddings.

Wooden cart with sheaves of hay, fruits and flowers will be a stunning decor element for a summer wedding in country style.