Useful ideas

17 simple and budget ideas for the transformation of interior and furniture


All ingenious is simple. All complicated is not necessary. These principles, apparently, were guided by those who created interior elements and pieces of furniture collected in this review. The presented ideas are not only quite stylish and practical, but also very economical.

1. Stool

Transfiguration wooden stool.

Simple painting and soft seat, dragged with a bright cloth, will transform beyond recognition an old wooden stool.

2. Mixer

Painting the mixer.

The old mixer rusted and lost its former brilliance !? It will help to update a simple spray spray paint.

3. Stencil drawings

Original wall decor.

Use the texture roller to brush and decorate plain, boring walls.

4. Coffee table

Upgrade coffee table.

Coffee table with glass top looks too simple? Upgrade it with ordinary wooden boards.

5. Armchair

Painting the chair.

It turns out that upholstered furniture can also be painted. Use a special spray can to freshen up the look of your favorite chair.

6. Fireplace

New look of the old fireplace.

Use decorative moldings and light tiles to improve the cosmetic condition of the old fireplace.

7. Headboard

The decor of the head of the bed.

The headboard, decorated with laminate, will transform not only the bed, but also the interior as a whole.

8. Curbstone

Contrast design thumbs.

To transform the look of an old bollard, you can with the help of a neat painting of its sides in a light color.

9. Shelving

Painting rack.

A golden painting of a metal rack will transform a nondescript piece of furniture into a stylish art object.

10. Light

The transformation of the built-in lamp in the chandelier.

A round lampshade will allow you to turn the built-in lamp into a chandelier. This technique will make the lighting softer and cozier interior.

11. Bookcase

Amazing transformation of the bookcase.

The bookcase of Soviet times is easily transformed into a charming piece of furniture with the help of neat painting and self-adhesive film.

12. Chest

Painting the dresser.

A single-colored chest of drawers painted in white and blue will become an actual and stylish piece of furniture.

13. Laundry basket

New type of laundry basket.

Planning some changes, do not forget about the little things. The wicker laundry basket painted with a silver spray can will be a stylish addition to the bathroom interior.

14. Dining table

Luxurious dining table decor.

Do you dream of an expensive marble table, but financial opportunities do not allow to get it? No problem! Paste a special film on the countertop, imitating the marble surface, and open the product with epoxy resin to make the coating glossy and durable.

15. Curtains

Current painting curtains.

Stylish and bold idea - painting ombre-style curtains. To achieve a smooth color transition, gradually lower the fabric into a container of dye.

16. Chair

Bright painting of the chair.

Transform wooden chairs by painting in two colors. And in order that the coloring turned out neat, use masking tape.

17. Large chest of drawers

Simple transformation of the dresser.

The usual monophonic dresser can be easily transformed with the help of color adhesive tape.