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Money Feng Shui in the interior


The ancient Chinese Feng Shui doctrine does not just recommend the most optimal ways of organizing space, this wise science helps to achieve various goals by making certain changes to the interior of the home. One of the most important tasks that Feng Shui sets for itself is to attract financial prosperity. In general, for the Chinese, wealth is one of the main components in life, to which they have long attached great importance.

Wealth is as important to them as children, health and family hearth. Moreover, the Chinese are well aware that it is financial well-being that often lies at the heart of all the other components of the happy life of each person and his family.

In our modern reality, especially during a crisis, ensuring financial stability and well-being is also a very important and pressing issue for many. In order to make the ancient Feng Shui energies work to increase their own well-being, it is necessary to correctly use certain useful elements that will attract money, and, conversely, try to avoid dangerous things that repel money.

Useful items to attract wealth

To attract money, you need to treat them with respect and think about them only positively. Do not allow, and especially do not say out loud, negative thoughts about money ("no money", "little money", etc.). It is also necessary to keep money in the house with great respect: in a safe, or in a nice, beautiful box, or in an elegant box. Money lying in plain sight on the open shelf or casually thrown into the drawer will not attract other money. Carrying money with you, too, must be very respectful: in a beautiful and clean, good-quality wallet without flaws, scuffs and broken parts. The size of a wallet matters: a large, roomy wallet is much more favorable than a small one.

Circulation of fresh air and good illumination in the house are very useful from the point of view of financial feng shui: air the dwelling more often, do not leave dark unlit corners - install lighting fixtures in them.

To enhance the cash flow, it is now fashionable to decorate the interior with cute figures of happy seals, maneki neko, who came from Japan, but are very actively used as a mascot of feng shui even in China. They are much nicer than traditional Hotties and three-fingered toads, so it is nice to have them in an ordinary modern dwelling. Happy cats bring good luck in business and financial well-being. Traditionally, maneki-neko should be tricolor with one raised foot - it is the cats that lure good luck to the owner. Some cats raised both legs, and there are figures with a built-in battery that constantly wave the foot, which is even more effective in attracting positive energies.

Adverse Factors

Any broken things, dishes with cracks and chips, deposits of old unwanted items, dirt and confusion - all this repels wealth and brings poverty into the house. Money goes out of the house and through a faulty current tap, a broken toilet bowl drain, an open door to the bathroom and a toilet with a raised lid. A very dark or littered hallway, a mirror opposite the entrance door, or an unwatched window next to the entrance door in a country house are also reasons due to which the energy of money cannot freely enter the house. By eliminating these factors, you will immediately feel how many more successful new features you will have.

Expert advice

To help our readers to organize the interior correctly in terms of monetary feng shui, we turned to an experienced expert, Masha Mamonova, who not only gave us detailed advice, but also drew a picture of how to do it correctly for Quartblog readers.

Masha Mamonova - journalist and founder of her own unique direction "Secret Feng Shui", which she has been successfully practicing for 12 years.

The essence of the technique is to use ordinary European decor elements to control feng shui energies. In contrast to the specific Chinese amulets and talismans of classic feng shui, which look strange and strange in our homes, the items that Masha uses are familiar and natural to our interiors. This allows you to practice Feng Shui without causing unnecessary questions, rejection or bewilderment on the part of relatives and guests.

Masha, good afternoon! Thank you very much for agreeing again to advise our readers on the use of your Secret Feng Shui equipment. Today we would like to ask how you can increase your financial well-being and bring money to the house with the help of feng shui? Are there any special tricks? What should you pay special attention to?

It is better to make any rearrangements in the house, to plan purchases of interior accessories with the intention to improve your financial well-being on the growing Moon. This is not a prerequisite, but it is much better to keep up with the cosmic rhythms in which we - whether we like it or not - still live.

In July, the new moon comes 4 numbers. It is not necessary to do everything on the very first day. On the contrary, in the first two days it is better to plan updates at home in your mind, and to begin active actions on the day of the Leopard - this is the name of the 3rd day of the moon. You can believe my experience: for more than 8 years, I myself live in accordance with the recommendations of the lunar calendar, which helped me solve many problems, it combines perfectly with Secret Feng Shui and works particularly well for financial, career success. Now I finish writing my own book-calendar of lunar days with practitioners, so I can professionally say: the moon grows - our wealth and our capabilities grow as well!

So, the day picked up, what to do next?

Now we are looking at what things will help us and where to put them most favorably this year. In 2016, two zones of an apartment (or house) are most favorable: it is East(family zone, clan, clan) and West (sector of children and creativity). Well do also focus on Southeast - sector of wealth.

Here there is one nuance: if your business or work is connected with creativity (for example, you are an artist, a writer, an actor, and so on), then, wishing to increase income, pay attention toThe Western Sector - the Creative Sector. Consider a picture that embodies your desire (for example, the award at the Cannes Film Festival), insert a silver or gold metal into the photo frame. The main elements of the sector are silver and gold, so this frame will work.

Family Sector does not seem to relate directly to money, but family is always support. If you strengthen this sector, then you will always enjoy the support of their home. The main colors of the sector: green, blue, brown, black, red. You can purchase interior accessories and furniture in this range and thereby strengthen this sector.

Pay special attention to the South-East. The element of the Wealth zone is the Tree. Means, live plants in pots will do. Only ensure that the plant is always healthy, avoid flowers with creeping stems. The trunk and branches should be directed upwards and constantly give new shoots. For the best effect, put a few coins under the flower or directly into the tray. It is usually recommended to put some modern replicas of ancient Chinese coins that are not associated with anything in the minds of our contemporaries. Why ancient Chinese? Take the coins of any country with a sustainable economy. I use Norwegian and Danish crowns, plump, pleasant to the touch pounds. They are still in use (which is very important), they have a steady ancient egregor (unlike young euro, for example). All three countries are ancient monarchies. Scandinavian coins, by the way, are also with holes. Dollars-coins also fit.

Works well Vase of Wealthset in the Southeast. You can take any vase "pot-bellied" form, with a narrow neck. It is believed that such a vase ideally holds and accumulates positive energy in the house. Search in the Chinese shops do not need anything - just go and buy a paunchy flower vase in any interior store. Ideally, it will be with a lid, but it is not necessary. You can throw a handful of semi-precious stones or the same coins into a vase.

Career Zone (North) this year is struck by an unfavorable star, so until February 2017 it is better not to activate it. “How, then, help yourself in your career?” - you ask. First, we pay special attention to the West and South-East (we have just told about them). Secondly, I recommend buying a pyramid of stone or glass and pay attention to your workplace in the office (or home office).

Stone pyramid sold in many stores for collectors of stones - there you will get a pyramid of literally any color from any stone. Glass is also to be found everywhere. Externally, it will look like a regular interior accessory, but you know that it helps you in your career. You put it on your desk (or, alternatively, right between yourself and the computer screen) and fix the plan: take a certain place on the career ladder.

For example, I once was just an editor for several years, and then I wanted to become an editor-in-chief. I felt that a pyramid of rock crystal would help me: I had a transparent figure associated with the transparency, clarity and dignity of my intention. She found one, gave the task and put it on her desk in the editorial office. Six months later, I was offered the post of chief editor. And I didn’t even have to quit: in the publishing house, they suddenly started to issue a new magazine, and I was invited to head it.

What else is important: check how you sit in the workplace. It is very important. Behind the back should be a wall, in front - space (not a wall). If there is still a wall ahead, then put a picture of endless fields, sea expanses on your screen saver. There should be space ahead - it personifies a place for career growth. The wall behind your back is your support. You can additionally hang a picture of the mountain there. Check that your chair is also solid: with armrests, comfortable handles. So that it would “protect” you. If you correctly configure all these details, no one will notice anything, but you will get an undoubted benefit. I checked it all for 12 years and vouch for the result.

Masha, tell me, please, are there any elements in the house that, on the contrary, do not give money to enter the dwelling, repel wealth from us?

What does not give money to enter the home? There may be many reasons, it depends on each particular house and its owner, but there are two most popular ones:

The clutter of the house. There are many things, all the mezzanines are clogged, the owners do not remember what they have. The abundance of necessary and unnecessary things radiates a huge amount of Yin, slowed down energy. Meanwhile, money loves Yang energy and overall balance. In Yin, residents often get sick, are depressed, lazy, and generally do not understand what they want. So here the exit is banal, but very effective: to dismantle all the rubble. Then an immense amount of power will appear. From where From the released energy stale things.

Lack of clear goals. The fact is that when you do not have a clear goal, feng shui or does not work as it should, or does not work at all. If you do not understand what you want and where you are going, how will you understand that feng shui helped, and you got what you wanted? Energy from the universe is given under a specific intention. Further, this energy is structured and directed to your goals by properly arranged things in the house. And then, accumulating over time, energy produces results in the physical world. And you see: oh, a miracle! I got promoted! ABOUT! I added a salary! New customers have arrived! We are expanding!

Unexpected bonuses and amounts appear here and there, as if from nowhere. But the universe is so arranged that nothing comes out of nowhere for nothing! If you received a result (money), it means that you once laid the reason for it (for example, putting everything in the house “by feng shui”) and transmitting to the world the intention to get them through your house!

Masha, thank you for such a detailed and useful advice! In conclusion of our talk about wealth, we wish you and all readers of the Quarterblog financial well-being, new achievements and opportunities!

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