Useful ideas

15 options to turn an ordinary rope into a designer thing.


Why do we especially love the vast expanses of the Internet? Of course, beyond the sea of ​​original ideas that help transform everyday objects into damn cool things.

We have repeatedly convinced that stylish does not mean expensive. This selection of rope alterations that will add zest to any interior is another proof.

Hot Stand

Lovely coasters under the hot from this blog can be linked directly on the fingers.

Funny glasses for stationery

Such cute cat-stand will always please the eye.

Laundry basket

This simple rework of the usual basket will turn out even for beginners.

Mirror frame

Easy way to update the interior.

Fruit bowl

Original vase for lovers of unusual things.


Children will be delighted with this idea.

Stylish accessories

These bright decorations are perfect for summer looks.

Lamp shade

No more broken shades with this rope shade.

Bright rug

How to create such an original rug, learn in this blog.

Coffee table

A master class will help to make this unusual coffee table.

Suspended shelf

Flower pots

Transform ordinary plastic pots.

Baskets for small items

The perfect solution, how to store different things.

Wicker hammock

Weaving such a cool hammock can be from a regular rope.

Padded stools for the garden

Such cool ottomans for the garden of old tires and rope can be made by yourself.