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10 common mistakes we make while shopping

Supermarkets know more about you than any psychologist, they know your habits, reflexes, desires and intentions, with which they can play as they wish. Supermarkets know how to make you spend even more, but at the same time thought that you spent less. But we, like you, do not want to be deceived, which is why we want to highlight 10 common mistakes that each of us regularly commits when going shopping in a supermarket or on the market.

Mistake number 1: make purchases in the evening

Usually we go to the market when we go from work, that is, in the evening, at the time of the largest crowds. This is a necessary necessity. But on weekends we have the opportunity to get out early. If you are shopping at the farmers market, come there on Saturday morning. On this day of the week, the freshest products are brought and exhibited, which gardeners nursed throughout the week. Such products lie as long as possible on the shelves of your refrigerators.

Mistake number 2: buy products without checking

Surely you have a list of shops and markets where you go all the time. Usually there are few such stores, and they are located near the house. Therefore, you need not be lazy and make only one solid raid on each of them. Ask the seller for quality certificates, carefully review the products that are presented in the store. Nowadays, tester measuring instruments for measuring pesticides, nitrates and chemicals in a product are becoming increasingly popular. They will be indispensable when buying vegetables and fruits. Remember sellers who were able to meet all the criteria for your picky check and make purchases from them.

Mistake number 3: allow sellers to load themselves

Use control weights. They must be represented in every market. Unfortunately, not so few sellers who take advantage of the possibility of a body kit, if any, present themselves. In the event that you are in doubt about the weight of the goods, even if the seller weighs the product with you, double-check. Control scales will show you the most objective picture.

Mistake number 4: buy gutted fish

On the market, it is best to take an unwashed fish, even if it takes you more time in the kitchen. Such a fish retains all its juices, even if it lies in ice or ice water. The easiest way to check the freshness of a fish is to smell it. Even if you do not understand how to choose the right fish, you will instantly smell a rotten smell.

Mistake number 5: buy meat bright red

Do not trust the bright red color of the meat. He testifies to the fact that the meat was kept in a special saline solution for its beauty. Color should be natural. If the meat is slippery and flabby, do not take it. Touch the meat with your finger: all dents from touching should instantly be smoothed out. If this does not happen, there are serious questions about the quality and freshness of the product.

Mistake number 6: go shopping on an empty stomach

Never go shopping hungry. The presence of a variety of products on the store shelf very much inflame your appetite, which will inevitably hit the budget. The second negative consequence of this choice will be the accelerated pace of your purchases. Subsequently, you will be sure to buy products that you really do not need.

Error number 7: do not make a list before shopping

This is an extremely important part of your purchases. The list will help you plan a budget, not spend extra time in the store and buy everything you need in one go. Marketers in the course of various studies have concluded: the greater the choice of products on the store shelf, the higher the likelihood that the buyer will become confused and leave. Therefore, make lists and spend time in the store as productively as possible.

Mistake number 8: buy products that lie in a prominent place

A merchandiser is a person who is responsible for the layout of goods in the store. He owns the tricks of not only the arrangement, but also human psychology. He knows that it is often those products that most quickly catch the eye that are understood. Do not be lazy to run your hand deeper on the shelf, as fresh, just brought products get exactly there, while the lain goods are put forward.

Error 9: ignore the expiration date on the package

To the already beaten-up question of the shelf life of a product, it is worth adding that the store sticks its labels with new terms on top of the packaging. Sometimes labels are stuck several times. Consider the goods carefully, so as not to be deceived.

Mistake number 10: miss everything

The main purpose of the store is to sell you as much as possible. For this, various tricks are developed. For example, next to the main product are smaller, related parts. If we are talking about meat, next to find products for marinade, spices. Next to the beer you will find salty snacks. Based on the logic of “this can be useful,” we spend a lot of money and only at home we understand that we don’t need these products. Think about a minute before sending goods to the basket. Ask yourself if you really need one.