Useful ideas

Brilliant gadgets and smart design for a small apartment.


The main disadvantage of a small apartment is, of course, the lack of space. In the conditions of such an apartment, one constantly has to resort to various tricks in order to save space and make one's home cozy and spacious. It is good that designers do not forget about apartments with a small living space and create new useful gadgets and hybrids that combine two objects in one, allowing you to save space and at the same time, do not restrain yourself in the number of things necessary for the house.

Table and chairs that fit in a rack

Storage compartments under the stairs

Ladder boxes

Compact dining table with chairs

Sofa turning into a bunk bed

Folding tables

Folding barbecue

Stylish Library Chair

Blinds turning into a clothes dryer

Compact knife set

Sofa bed with built-in shelf

Sofa turning into a dining table

Stylish "cocoon" including a table and chairs

Modular furniture for students

Painting - storage for decorations

Folding table-picture

Dining table turning into a billiard

Four chairs in one

Folding changing table

Cat tray inside the coffee table

The mattress folding in a chair

Ladder with shelves for storage

"Stooler", with which you can turn any thing into a chair

Multi-functional table that turns into a bed with bedside table

Bookshelf that can be used as a bedside table.

Compact espresso machine