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Fly Lady system: cleaning is a pleasure!


The rapid pace of life often requires from a modern housewife a clear prioritization in the indissoluble chain "professional career-personal interests-daily household duties." However, as practice shows, making the right choice in favor of one or another "link" is often very difficult. For those who are tired of being torn between work and household chores, Fly Lady will come to the rescue - an effective program that allows even the most busy women to keep their homes in perfect order.

At the same time, active supporters of the Fly Lady have enough free time to devote to his favorite hobby or events for the preservation of beauty, health and youth.

What is the basis of such a unique system and what are the secrets of its amazing effectiveness? To answer these and other questions will help our investigation.

Fly Lady System: A Little History

The "Fly Lady" system is obliged by its appearance to the once ordinary American business woman and housewife, and now to writer Marla Cilley, well-known to a wide circle of women.

Once, on the eve of the upcoming 1999, Marla suddenly thought about the question: why all her attempts to effectively combine work and housekeeping, despite the efforts made, do not bring high and stable results. After a thorough and carefully conducted analysis, the woman made the following conclusions: it is impossible to ensure order in everything and at once, if you do not adhere to a certain rational system in your actions.

Marla decided to change her approach to daily affairs, starting from the first days of the new year, and soon developed a number of rules for herself that should help her get rid of the chaos in the house and in life. Tested on personal experience, thoroughly "polished" and systematized, later these rules were laid in the basis of the exceptionally popular and in-demand Fly Fly program today.

Zoning premises

The first thing to start with when learning the basics of the Fly Lady system is to define separate zones for further cleaning. The fact is that, according to the program of Marla Silly, clean-up and tidying activities should be carried out according to the following principle: during one week - cleaning in one zone, 15 minutes daily.

Consider an indicative zoning scheme on the example of a standard two-room apartment:

  • Zone number 1: kitchen.
  • Zone number 2: living room.
  • Zone number 3: bedroom.
  • Zone number 4: hallway
  • Zone number 5: bathroom + loggia.

The step-by-step weekly cleaning of each separate zone will, over time, ensure the constant presence of radiant cleanliness in your home, since the order in all parts of the home will eventually be brought to perfection by you.

We make a work plan for the week

After the cleaning zones are defined, it is time to plan your home activities for the first week. When planning it is important to remember that homework should be allocated no more than a quarter of an hour a day.

If you have chosen a kitchen as the first cleaning object, the weekly plan may look like this:

  • Monday: wash the door and window.
  • Tuesday: clean the stove and kettle.
  • Wednesday, Thursday: clean up the cupboard.
  • Friday: wash the tile.
  • Saturday: clean the microwave.
  • Sunday: wash the chandelier and sink.

Disciplined by following the cleaning plan, a week later you will notice an impressive change in the state of the kitchen. And after five to six weeks, when the first works will be made in the remaining zones, your home will be transformed in the most magical way. Continue to carry out daily cleaning "in a circle" - and order in the house will become just a familiar tradition for you!

Getting rid of trash

Fly Lady categorically declares: chaos cannot be controlled, but the strength of everyone is to completely eradicate this phenomenon from their lives. For this, first of all, you need to get rid of all useless and unnecessary things.

In order to correctly determine the decision whether to throw out (or pass on to other hands) this or that thing, you need to ask yourself just one question: "Have I used this over the past year?" A negative answer will unequivocally indicate that the “moment of separation” has arrived.

Of course, we are not talking about family heirlooms, gifts dear to your heart or objects with which you have particularly warm and bright memories. In all other cases, to get rid of old things should be resolutely and unconditionally.

Weekly arrange an hour of cleaning

Along with the daily 15-minute work on the house, the Fly Lady system implies mandatory weekly weekly cleaning.

To optimize the process of putting things in order, allocate an hour into six ten-minute periods, each of which will be devoted to a particular task. For example, during the first "ten minutes" you wipe dust in the apartment, and in subsequent periods of time - wash the floor, vacuum, take out the garbage, knock out rugs, etc.

Weekly cleaning is a kind of "final event", which allows to bring the results of previous days to maximum perfection.

Coping with routine

During the day, each hostess has to perform many small things that Fly Lady calls routine. The range of "routine" activities related directly to household duties is more than wide: washing dishes, washing clothes, taking care of houseplants, sewing on torn buttons, eliminating natural foci of confusion, etc.

When planning to access the Fly Lady system, be sure to have an audit trail. In the role of such can be a regular thick notebook, which should be divided into three parts.

  • The first part of the magazine is intended for making plans for the upcoming week. At the same time, the list should include both household chores and any other mandatory activities (grocery shopping, a visit to the clinic, attending a parent meeting, etc.).
  • It is recommended that the second part of the audit trail be reserved for planning not obligatory, but desirable activities, such as shopping, going to the cinema, visiting beauty salons or meeting with friends.
  • The third part of the journal is an analogue of a notebook; here you can record all the information relevant to you: phone numbers, shopping lists for preparing a child for school, the names of effective medicines or interesting new cosmetics, etc.

You may ask, "What does this magazine have to do with housekeeping?" The most direct and immediate: drawing up short-term and long-term plans, along with the availability of useful information "at hand", will help you quickly acquire the skills of rational use of free time.

Personal care is a must for every day

No matter how busy you are with your routines and other household chores, do not forget: the real “fly lady” looks perfect under any circumstances. Therefore, do not regret free time to care for their appearance. And, of course, be sure to pay attention to what your homewear looks like, including - designed for cleaning.

Try to always be in such a way that the random visit of guests does not embarrass you because of the inconsistency of your “form” and “content”. Remember: even the most ideal order in the house is able to fade and lose its magnificence without a beautiful, well-groomed and loving mistress!

Expert comment

Melanya Aydinyan, expert

Effectively - it means quickly and efficiently. Understanding how to make the process more efficient comes with experience. But for this you need to comply with one important condition: cleaning should not turn into a mechanical action. Wrong - “hands” to do the cleaning, and “head” - to think about personal problems, children, new dress, etc.

When doing house cleaning, you should concentrate on the current lesson and at the same time keep in mind two thoughts:

  • how to clean / clean / wash faster
  • how to clean / clean / wash is even better.

And during the entire time devoted to cleaning, you need to give yourself answers to these two questions. Do not worry if you do not always find answers to them. Perhaps the right decision will come to you next time. However, over time, you will notice that from time to time cleaning is done faster, and its quality increases. This is the result of concentration and continuous improvement, which is facilitated by two very simple, but extremely effective questions. No matter how experienced the hostess you are, you always have the opportunity to improve results and set new records. The process of perfection is infinite, the increase in efficiency has no limits - the practice of cleaning service specialists helps. Clearing.

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